F Customizing the Style of Design-Time Dialogs

When you want all of your portal to reflect your enterprise's trademark look and feel, you can use the uiwizset.sql script to customize the colors and fonts of the Oracle Portal design-time dialogs, such as the Add Item and Add Portlet screens. The script modifies Oracle Portal user interface style preferences and saves the modifications to the preference store in the Oracle Portal schema.

You will find the uiwizset.sql script at the following location:


The script contains default values for dialog colors and fonts. Before you alter the script, back it up to allow for returning dialogs to their default style values.

The script also contains an explanation for each entry. These will guide you further toward successful use of the script. This appendix includes a few notes to assist with script editing:

Use any text editor to edit uiwizset.sql to reflect your font and color preferences. Then run the script, for example, in SQL Plus, against the Oracle Portal schema.

Because the style sheet is expiry-based cached, you must wait 24 hours for the cache to expire automatically and your changes to display. If you are testing your design on a pre-production version of your portal, you can take the following steps to display applied script changes immediately:


With the following steps, the cache is being cleared. When cache is cleared, the performance of the portal may be impacted. If performance is a concern, the following steps should be performed during off-peak hours.