A.1 Built-in Page Groups

During installation, Oracle Portal creates some page groups that it needs to accomplish certain tasks. For example, the Portlet Repository, which contains all the portlets from local and remote providers that can be added to pages, is simply a page group. You cannot delete these default page groups. For information about creating your own page groups, see Section 4.1, "Creating a Page Group".

Table A-1 lists the built-in page groups and explains how they are used:

Table A-1 Built-in Page Groups

Page Group Purpose

Portal Design-Time Pages

Contains all the pages used by Oracle Portal, including the Portal Builder page, search pages, and Navigator pages.

Portlet Repository

Contains all the providers and associated portlets registered with the current instance of Oracle Portal.

Shared Objects

Contains users' personal pages and all the objects that are shared across page groups (for example, the General category).