E Substitution Tags for HTML and Unstructured UI Templates

When you create HTML and Unstructured User Interface templates for your portal, you can use substitution tags to stand in for Oracle Portal user interface elements, such as an Edit button, and for variable types of information, such as content attributes, categories, and perspectives. When the template is rendered, actual values replace the tag.

For example, an HTML content layout might contain an #ITEM.PAGENAME# tag. This tag stands in for the display name of a page that contains a region that is using the HTML content layout template. When the template is rendered on the region, the host page's display name is returned.

Three sets of substitution tags are available for use within Oracle Portal: HTML page skin, HTML content layout, and Unstructured User Interface template tags. This appendix lists and describes these tag sets and provides examples of their use. It contains the following main sections:

For more information about how to create and use HTML templates, see Chapter 12, "Providing a Standard Look and Feel".