12 Providing a Standard Look and Feel

In your organization, you may care to impose a standard layout, look, and feel on all of your portal pages. Although you will want to allow for variations, such as the addition of different kinds of content on different pages, you may want the overall look from page-to-page, region-to-region, portlet-to-portlet, or item-to-item to remain precisely consistent. If this is the case, consider using templates.

Figure 12-1 Use Templates for a Standard Layout and Style

Templates standardize page layouts and styles
Description of "Figure 12-1 Use Templates for a Standard Layout and Style"

This chapter describes the template options offered in Oracle Portal and provides information on how to use them. It includes the following sections:

Oracle Portal provides several caching options to assist page designers and administrators with optimizing the performance of their portal pages, portlets, and templates. To find out more about caching, see Chapter 21, "Improving Page Performance".

For information about specifying access rules for Portal Templates, see Chapter 17, "Protecting Your Content".

Intended Audience

This chapter is intended for users who will work with templates. Different types of privileges are required for different types of tasks. For example, the page group privilege Manage Templates enables a user to create a template. With Manage Templates alone, however, the user will not be able to access or view a page. Consequently, such a user must also have at least the page privilege Manage to apply a template.