20 Setting Up an Approval Chain

This section discusses how to set up a chain of approval that documents must pass through before they are posted publicly (or to a specified group). It includes the following subsections:

Approvals can be enabled at the page group and page level. A page-level approval process overrides that of the page group, and sets up an approval process that is unique to the page.

To set up an approval process for a page, the page group administrator must enable two options at the page group level: Enable Approvals and Notifications and Allow Page to Override the Page Group Approval Process. The Override option automatically adds an Approval tab to the Properties page of all standard pages created in this page group. For information on how to do this, see Section 5.4, "Setting Up Approvals."

Oracle Portal supports two different types of approval process:

You cannot use a different type of approval process at the page level. Pages must use the same type of approval process as the page group to which they belong. For more information about the different types of approval process, see Section 5.4, "Setting Up Approvals."

Intended Audience

The content of this chapter is intended for users with at least the Manage privilege on the pages you will work with. If a particular task requires, or can be performed under, different privileges, those privileges will be listed before the steps of that task. For more information on page privileges, see Section B.3, "Page and Tab Privileges."

You'll find additional information related to the Approval and Notification process in Section 5.4, "Setting Up Approvals."