15 Working with Portlets

Figure 15-1 Portal Content Is Comprised of Portlets and Items

Items and portlets on a page
Description of "Figure 15-1 Portal Content Is Comprised of Portlets and Items"

Along with items, portlets are the fundamental building blocks of a portal page. Add them to a page to provide your users with tools to make their experience of your portal meaningful and dynamic. For example, add dynamic charts, tables, or graphs of sales data. Customize Search portlets to automatically serve up content classified under different categories. Keep a list of favorite links always at hand.

This chapter provides information on adding portlets to a page, editing and personalizing portlets, and publishing pages as portlets. It contains the following subsections:


For information on working with seeded portlets, see Section A.5, "Built-in Portlets". For information on custom searches, see Chapter 16, "Working with Search Portlets". For information on externally published portlets and JavaServer Pages, see Section 4.5.9, "Enabling JavaServer Page Access to a Page Group".

Oracle Portal provides several caching options to assist page designers and administrators with optimizing the performance of their portal pages, portlets, and templates. To find out more about caching, see Chapter 21, "Improving Page Performance".

Intended Audience

The content of this chapter is intended for users who are logged on as authorized users and who have at least the page privilege Manage Content. If a particular task requires a different privilege, the required privilege is listed before the steps of that task.