15.1 Adding a Portlet to a Page

The steps to add a portlet to a page vary depending on whether you want the portlet to be visible to all users of the page or just to yourself. Edit a page for changes other users should see; personalize a page for changes for just yourself.

Portlets can be added only to portlet-type regions. Each portlet region on a page may contain one or more portlets. For more information on regions and region types, see Chapter 10, "Working with Layouts".


To add a portlet to a page, you must have one of the following privileges:
  • To add a portlet to the version of a page that everyone sees (Edit), you must have the page privilege Manage Content (or higher).

  • To add a portlet to your own private version of a page, you must have the page privilege Personalize Portlets (Add Only) privilege (or higher).

To add a portlet to a page:

  1. Log in to Oracle Portal.

  2. Go to the page on which to add a portlet.

    For information on locating a page, see Section 8.1, "Locating Pages in Oracle Portal".

    If you do not see the page that you want to work with, you may not have the appropriate page access privileges. See your page group administrator to gain access.

  3. To add a portlet:

    • To the view of the page that all users see, click the Edit link to switch to Edit mode.

    • To your own view of the page, click the Personalize link to switch to Personalize mode.

  4. Click the Add Portlet icon in the region in which to add a portlet (Figure 15-2).

    Figure 15-2 The Add Portlet Icon

    Add Portlet icon


    If the region already includes items, you cannot add portlets to the region. If you are personalizing your own version of the page, and there are no existing portlet regions, you may be able to add a tab to the page, then add a portlet to the tab's default portlet region. To add a tab to a page you are personalizing, you must have sufficient privileges on the page, and the page must already have tabs. This is because any tab you add while personalizing a page must be added to an existing tab set. For information on adding tabs to a page, see Section 10.3.1, "Adding a Tab to a Page"
  5. In the Portlet Repository, enter the portlet name in the Search field and click Go.

    Alternatively, click the repository links to drill to the portlet's location.

  6. To preview a portlet before adding it to your page, click the Preview icon next to the name of the portlet.


    The Preview icon displays only for the portlets that support it.
  7. To select a portlet, click the portlet name.

    Select one portlet at a time. Multiple selects are not supported.

    The order of the portlets in the Selected Portlets list reflects the order in which they appear on the page. To change the order, highlight the portlet name and use the Move icons to the right of the Selected Portlets list.

  8. Click OK to return to the page.