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1 Introduction

2 Roadmaps for Developing Web Service Clients

3 Invoking Web Services Asynchronously

4 Roadmap for Developing Reliable Web Services and Clients

5 Using Web Services Reliable Messaging

6 Managing Web Service Persistence

7 Configuring Message Buffering for Web Services

8 Managing Web Services in a Cluster

9 Using Web Services Atomic Transactions

10 Publishing a Web Service Endpoint

11 Using Callbacks

12 Optimizing Binary Data Transmission Using MTOM/XOP

13 Creating Dynamic Proxy Clients

14 Using XML Catalogs

15 Creating and Using SOAP Message Handlers

16 Operating at the XML Message Level

17 Programming RESTful Web Services

18 Programming Stateful JAX-WS Web Services Using HTTP Session

19 Publishing and Finding Web Services Using UDDI

A Pre-packaged WS-Policy Files for Web Services Reliable Messaging and MakeConnection

B Example Client Wrapper Class for Batching Reliable Messages