MySQL Connector/NET Developer Guide

5.6 Accessing Stored Procedures with Connector/NET

MySQL 5.0 and higher supports stored procedures with the SQL 2003 stored procedure syntax.

A stored procedure is a set of SQL statements that is stored in the server. Clients make a single call to the stored procedure, passing parameters that can influence the procedure logic and query conditions, rather than issuing individual hardcoded SQL statements.

Stored procedures can be particularly useful in situations such as the following:

Connector/NET supports the calling of stored procedures through the MySqlCommand object. Data can be passed in and out of a MySQL stored procedure through use of the MySqlCommand.Parameters collection.


When you call a stored procedure (in versions before the MySQL 8.0 release series), the command object makes an additional SELECT call to determine the parameters of the stored procedure. You must ensure that the user calling the procedure has the SELECT privilege on the mysql.proc table to enable them to verify the parameters. Failure to do this will result in an error when calling the procedure.

This section will not provide in-depth information on creating Stored Procedures. For such information, please refer to

A sample application demonstrating how to use stored procedures with Connector/NET can be found in the Samples directory of your Connector/NET installation.