Chapter 4 Connector/Net Tutorials

Table of Contents

4.1 Tutorial: An Introduction to Connector/Net Programming
4.1.1 The MySqlConnection Object
4.1.2 The MySqlCommand Object
4.1.3 Working with Decoupled Data
4.1.4 Working with Parameters
4.1.5 Working with Stored Procedures
4.2 Tutorial: MySQL Connector/Net ASP.NET Membership and Role Provider
4.3 Tutorial: MySQL Connector/Net ASP.NET Profile Provider
4.4 Tutorial: Web Parts Personalization Provider
4.5 Tutorial: Simple Membership Web Provider
4.5.1 Requirements
4.5.2 Creating and Configuring a New Project
4.5.3 Adding OAuth Authentication to a Project
4.6 Tutorial: Using an Entity Framework Entity as a Windows Forms Data Source
4.7 Tutorial: Data Binding in ASP.NET Using LINQ on Entities
4.8 Tutorial: Using SSL with MySQL Connector/Net
4.9 Tutorial: Using MySqlScript
4.9.1 Using Delimiters with MySqlScript
4.10 Tutorial: Generating MySQL DDL from an Entity Framework Model

The following tutorials illustrate how to develop MySQL programs using technologies such as Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, and the .NET and Mono frameworks. Work through the first tutorial to verify that you have the right software components installed and configured, then choose other tutorials to try depending on the features you intend to use in your applications.