MySQL Connector/NET Release Notes

9.6 Changes in MySQL Connector/NET 6.5.2 (2012-02-15, Release Candidate)

First Release Candidate (RC) release.

Bugs Fixed

  • When using connection pooling, the connections in the pool were not automatically closed upon application exit. With the setting log-warnings=2, you could encounter Aborted connection errors in the MySQL error log. The workaround was to explicitly call MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlConnection.ClearAllPools(); upon exiting the application. (Bug #13629471, Bug #63942)

  • If MySqlCommand.CommandText was equal to null, then MySqlCommand.ExecuteReader() would throw the wrong exception: NullReferenceException instead of InvalidOperationException. (Bug #13624659, Bug #64092)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, when editing a foreign key relationship, choosing a column name on the left side made that column name unavailable on the right side. (Bug #13615258)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, it was possible to save a new foreign key relationship without filling in the fields of the Foreign Key Relationship dialog. (Bug #13613839)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, modifying the Columns field in the Indexes/Keys dialog multiple times could cause an error. (Bug #13613765)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, changing the length of a VARCHAR field could cause an error. (Bug #13611677)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, deleting a foreign key relationship in the Relationship dialog required clicking twice. (Bug #13610283)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, an error could occur if you added and deleted column information for foreign keys in a particular sequence. (Bug #13610235)

  • The MySQL script generated by using the function CreateDatabaseScript used names with incorrect singular/plural forms. (Bug #13582837, Bug #62150)

  • Creating a trigger on a table using the Server Explorer tree could produce an error message:

    Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

    (Bug #13511801)

  • In Visual Studio Table Designer, the Add -> Function Import... dialog could close prematurely when you pressed the Get Column Information button. (Bug #13511736)

  • When designating a primary key for a table in Table Designer, the key icon could fail to appear until the Table Designer was restarted. (Bug #13481246)