MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 ALTER RESOURCE GROUP Statement

    [VCPU [=] vcpu_spec [, vcpu_spec] ...]

vcpu_spec: {N | M - N}

ALTER RESOURCE GROUP is used for resource group management (see Section 8.12.5, “Resource Groups”). This statement alters modifiable attributes of an existing resource group. It requires the RESOURCE_GROUP_ADMIN privilege.

group_name identifies which resource group to alter. If the group does not exist, an error occurs.

The attributes for CPU affinity, priority, and whether the group is enabled can be modified with ALTER RESOURCE GROUP. These attributes are specified the same way as described for CREATE RESOURCE GROUP (see Section, “CREATE RESOURCE GROUP Statement”). Only the attributes specified are altered. Unspecified attributes retain their current values.

The FORCE modifier is used with DISABLE. It determines statement behavior if the resource group has any threads assigned to it:

The name and type attributes are set at group creation time and cannot be modified thereafter with ALTER RESOURCE GROUP.


Resource group management is local to the server on which it occurs. ALTER RESOURCE GROUP statements are not written to the binary log and are not replicated.