MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 Defining an NDB Cluster Management Server

The [ndb_mgmd] section is used to configure the behavior of the management server. If multiple management servers are employed, you can specify parameters common to all of them in an [ndb_mgmd default] section. [mgm] and [mgm default] are older aliases for these, supported for backward compatibility.

All parameters in the following list are optional and assume their default values if omitted.


If neither the ExecuteOnComputer nor the HostName parameter is present, the default value localhost is assumed for both.


After making changes in a management node's configuration, it is necessary to perform a rolling restart of the cluster for the new configuration to take effect.

To add new management servers to a running NDB Cluster, it is also necessary to perform a rolling restart of all cluster nodes after modifying any existing config.ini files. For more information about issues arising when using multiple management nodes, see Section, “Limitations Relating to Multiple NDB Cluster Nodes”.

Restart types.  Information about the restart types used by the parameter descriptions in this section is shown in the following table:

Table 23.9 NDB Cluster restart types

Symbol Restart Type Description
N Node The parameter can be updated using a rolling restart (see Section 23.5.5, “Performing a Rolling Restart of an NDB Cluster”)
S System All cluster nodes must be shut down completely, then restarted, to effect a change in this parameter
I Initial Data nodes must be restarted using the --initial option