MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0 The events_waits_current Table

The events_waits_current table contains current wait events. The table stores one row per thread showing the current status of the thread's most recent monitored wait event, so there is no system variable for configuring the table size.

Of the tables that contain wait event rows, events_waits_current is the most fundamental. Other tables that contain wait event rows are logically derived from the current events. For example, the events_waits_history and events_waits_history_long tables are collections of the most recent wait events that have ended, up to a maximum number of rows per thread and globally across all threads, respectively.

For more information about the relationship between the three wait event tables, see Section 27.9, “Performance Schema Tables for Current and Historical Events”.

For information about configuring whether to collect wait events, see Section 27.12.4, “Performance Schema Wait Event Tables”.

The events_waits_current table has these columns:

The events_waits_current table has these indexes:

TRUNCATE TABLE is permitted for the events_waits_current table. It removes the rows.