MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

14.8.1 String Comparison Functions and Operators

Table 14.13 String Comparison Functions and Operators

Name Description
LIKE Simple pattern matching
NOT LIKE Negation of simple pattern matching
STRCMP() Compare two strings

If a string function is given a binary string as an argument, the resulting string is also a binary string. A number converted to a string is treated as a binary string. This affects only comparisons.

Normally, if any expression in a string comparison is case-sensitive, the comparison is performed in case-sensitive fashion.

If a string function is invoked from within the mysql client, binary strings display using hexadecimal notation, depending on the value of the --binary-as-hex. For more information about that option, see Section 6.5.1, “mysql — The MySQL Command-Line Client”.