MySQL 8.0 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 8.0

11.3.3 The YEAR Type

The YEAR type is a 1-byte type used to represent year values. It can be declared as YEAR with an implicit display width of 4 characters, or equivalently as YEAR(4) with an explicit display width.


MySQL 8.0 does not support the 2-digit YEAR(2) data type permitted in older versions of MySQL. For instructions on converting to 4-digit YEAR, see 2-Digit YEAR(2) Limitations and Migrating to 4-Digit YEAR in MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual.

MySQL displays YEAR values in YYYY format, with a range of 1901 to 2155, or 0000.

You can specify input YEAR values in a variety of formats:

MySQL converts invalid YEAR values to 0000.

See also Section 11.3.7, “2-Digit Years in Dates”.