MySQL Enterprise Backup User's Guide (Version 8.0.22)

20.7 Incremental Backup Options

For an overview of incremental backups and usage examples for these options, see Section 4.3.3, “Making a Differential or Incremental Backup” and Section 5.1.3, “Restoring an Incremental Backup”.

To take an incremental backup, specify the --incremental or --incremental-with-redo-log-only, along with the --backup-dir option. Depending on whether --incremental or --incremental-with-redo-log-only is used, other options are required or recommended. All InnoDB data modified after the a certain LSN (specified directly or indirectly by the options you use) is copied into the incremental backup. For MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.20 and ealrier: to restore an incremental backup, specify the --incremental option (the option is no longer required for MySQL Enterprise Backup 8.0.21 and later for restore operations).