MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.22 Manual

16.1 Agents View

The Agents view configuration view enables you to view all MySQL Enterprise Monitor Agents currently registered with the MySQL Enterprise Service Manager.

To view the agent status and configuration, select Agents from the Configuration section of the navigation bar.

The agents are displayed on individual lines, with brief summaries of their current status, number of assets monitored by the agent, and last contact.

Figure 16.1 Agents View

Example of the Agents view.

To view detailed information on the agent's configuration, select Details from the more info menu on the right-hand side of each line.


It is also possible to delete agents from the MySQL Enterprise Monitor inventory using the Delete option. For more information on deleting assets, see Section 16.4, “Deleting Assets”.

Figure 16.2 Agent Details View

Example of the Agent details view.

The agent details page is divided into the following tabs: