MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.22 Manual

13.3.6 Configuration Views

Configuration views are similar to System and User Filters, see Section 13.3.5, “System and User-defined Filters”, but are configured using a configuration form filter.

Configuration View is available on the following:

To create a configuration view, click Configuration View. The Configuration View form is displayed. Add properties as required using the Add button. Clear all properties using the Reset button. Or undo your changes by clicking Discard Changes.

You can create a configuration view, based on an existing view, by selecting the existing view from the Select Configuration View drop-down list and editing as required. As you edit the existing view, -clone* is appended to the view's name, indicating it is a temporary view. To save this customized view, select Save as... from the Actions menu.

You can also create a new, blank configuration view by selecting New from the Actions menu.

To save a new configuration view, select Save as... from the Actions menu. To save edits to an existing, custom, configuration view, select Save from the Actions menu.

To make a configuration view the default, select the required view, and select Set as Default from the Actions menu.