MySQL Enterprise Monitor 8.0.23 Manual

13.3.5 System and User-defined Filters

To create a user filter, you can either create a filter and save it by clicking Save as... menu item, or create a new filter by clicking New, defining your filter criteria, and clicking Save as....

You can also create a filter by using an existing filter as a template. Select the filter and make your changes. If you create a named filter based on an existing filter, the -clone is appended to the name when you edit the new filter. The name can be edited as required.

System filters are listed with a padlock on the left side of their name. These cannot be edited, but can be used as templates for new filters.

To set a filter as the default, select it in the drop-down list, and select Set as Default from the adjacent drop-down menu. A star is displayed next to the default filter.


If you upgraded from a previous version, and used default filters in that version, your filters are migrated and renamed User Default.

Named filters are available on the following pages: