MySQL Shell 8.0

6.2.1 Using Instances Running MySQL 5.7

This documentation assumes you are using MySQL instances running the latest version of MySQL 8, and MySQL Shell 8. AdminAPI also supports using instances running MySQL 5.7, but many of the features described require instances running MySQL 8. The following differences exist for instances running MySQL 5.7:

To use these features, please upgrade your instances to MySQL 8.

With instances running MySQL 5.7, ensure that you use dba.configureInstance() before adding the instances to a cluster to persist the configuration changes. For non-sandbox server instances on MySQL 5.7 (instances which you have configured manually rather than using dba.deploySandboxInstance()), if you do not use the dba.configureInstance() operation, MySQL Shell can not persist anyInnoDB ClusterSet configuration changes in the instance's configuration file. This leads to one or both of the following scenarios:

  1. The Group Replication configuration is not persistent in the instance's configuration file, and upon restart, the instance does not rejoin the cluster.

  2. The instance is not valid for cluster usage. Although the instance can be verified with dba.checkInstanceConfiguration(), and MySQL Shell makes the required configuration changes in order to make the instance ready for cluster usage, those changes are not persisted in the configuration file and so are lost once a restart happens.

If both situations happen, you cannot use the dba.rebootClusterFromCompleteOutage() operation to get the cluster back online. This is because without the dba.configureInstance() operation, the instance loses any configuration changes made by MySQL Shell, and because they were not persisted, the instance reverts to the previous state before being configured for the cluster. This causes Group Replication to stop responding, and eventually the command times out.