2.3.5 The Element Structure


This section discusses the Element structure.

Parent class.  List

Description.  The Element structure models an element of a list; it is used to store an object in a List populated by the Dictionary methods listObjects(), listIndexes(), and listEvents().

Attributes.  An Element has the attributes shown in the following table:

AttributeTypeInitial ValueDescription
idunsigned int0The object's ID
typeObject::TypeObject::TypeUndefinedThe object's type—see Section, “Object::Type” for possible values
stateObject::StateObject::StateUndefinedThe object's state—see Section, “Object::State” for possible values
storeObject::StoreObject::StoreUndefinedHow the object is stored—see Section, “Object::Store” for possible values
databasechar*0The database in which the object is found
schemachar*0The schema in which the object is found
namechar*0The object's name

For a graphical representation of this class and its parent-child relationships, see Section 2.3.4, “The Dictionary Class”.