2.3 NDB API Classes, Interfaces, and Structures

2.3.1 The AutoGrowSpecification Structure
2.3.2 The Column Class
2.3.3 The Datafile Class
2.3.4 The Dictionary Class
2.3.5 The Element Structure
2.3.6 The Event Class
2.3.7 The EventBufferMemoryUsage Structure
2.3.8 The ForeignKey Class
2.3.9 The GetValueSpec Structure
2.3.10 The HashMap Class
2.3.11 The Index Class
2.3.12 The IndexBound Structure
2.3.13 The LogfileGroup Class
2.3.14 The List Class
2.3.15 The Key_part_ptr Structure
2.3.16 The Ndb Class
2.3.17 The Ndb_cluster_connection Class
2.3.18 The NdbBlob Class
2.3.19 The NdbDictionary Class
2.3.20 The NdbError Structure
2.3.21 The NdbEventOperation Class
2.3.22 The NdbIndexOperation Class
2.3.23 The NdbIndexScanOperation Class
2.3.24 The NdbInterpretedCode Class
2.3.25 The NdbOperation Class
2.3.26 The NdbRecAttr Class
2.3.27 The NdbRecord Interface
2.3.28 The NdbScanFilter Class
2.3.29 The NdbScanOperation Class
2.3.30 The NdbTransaction Class
2.3.31 The Object Class
2.3.32 The OperationOptions Structure
2.3.33 The PartitionSpec Structure
2.3.34 The RecordSpecification Structure
2.3.35 The ScanOptions Structure
2.3.36 The SetValueSpec Structure
2.3.37 The Table Class
2.3.38 The Tablespace Class
2.3.39 The Undofile Class

This section provides a detailed listing of all classes, interfaces, and stuctures defined in the NDB API.

Each listing includes the following information:

Class, interface, and structure descriptions are provided in alphabetic order. For a hierarchical listing, see Section 2.2, “The NDB API Class Hierarachy”.