MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide

2.3.23 The NdbIndexScanOperation Class


This section discusses the NdbIndexScanOperation class and its public members.

Parent class.  NdbScanOperation

Child classes.  None

Description.  The NdbIndexScanOperation class represents a scan operation using an ordered index. This class inherits from NdbScanOperation and NdbOperation.


NdbIndexScanOperation is for use with ordered indexes only; to work with unique hash indexes, use NdbIndexOperation.

Methods.  The following table lists the public methods of this class and the purpose or use of each method:

Table 2.41 NdbIndexScanOperation class methods and descriptions

Name Description
end_of_bound() Marks the end of a bound
get_range_no() Gets the range number for the current row
getDescending() Checks whether the current scan is sorted
getSorted() Checks whether the current scan is sorted
readTuples() Reads tuples using an ordered index
reset_bounds() Resets bounds, puts the operation in the send queue
setBound() Defines a bound on the index key for a range scan

Types.  The NdbIndexScanOperation class defines one public type BoundType.

This class also defines an IndexBound struct, for use with operations employing NdbRecord.

For more information about the use of NdbIndexScanOperation, see Section, “Scan Operations”, and Section, “Using Scans to Update or Delete Rows”