2.4.2 NDB Error Codes: by Type No error Errors Application error Errors No data found Errors Constraint violation Errors Schema error Errors Schema object already exists Errors User defined error Errors Insufficient space Errors Temporary Resource error Errors Node Recovery error Errors Overload error Errors Timeout expired Errors Node shutdown Errors Internal temporary Errors Unknown result error Errors Internal error Errors Function not implemented Errors

This section contains a number of tables, one for each type of NDB API error. The error types include those in the following list:

The information in each table includes, for each error:

Similar errors have been grouped together in each table.


You can always obtain the latest error codes and information from the file storage/ndb/src/ndbapi/ndberror.c.

In NDB 7.6.4 and later, these types are also shown in the error_status column of the ndbinfo.error_messages table.