MySQL Workbench

9.2.2 DBDoc Model Reporting

The DBDoc - Model Reporting dialog is found by opening a model, selecting Model from the menu, and then DBDoc - Model Reporting.


This functionality is only available in the MySQL Workbench Commercial Editions.

Use the DBDoc- Model Reporting dialog to set the options for creating documentation of your database models. For example, the following figure shows the dialog with HTML Detailed Frames selected and the template style set to Vibrant.

Figure 9.14 The DBDoc Model Reporting Options

Content is described in the surrounding text.

You can choose from four available templates to generate a report:

When you click a template, a preview image displays on the right side of the page. For the HTML Basic Frames template, you can select either the Colorful or the Restrained Colors option from the Style list. The HTML Basic Single Page template offers only the Colorful style. The HTML Detailed Frames template offers the Vibrant style, and also the more subdued Coated style. The Text Basic template offers only the Fixed Size Font style.

From the Base Options frame choose the report title and the output directory for the report files.

The following variables may be used to configure the output path:

Content options can also be selected:

Clicking the Generate button creates the directory defined in the Output directory text box. If you chose to create HTML Basic Frames, you will find the following files in this directory:

Choosing the HTML Basic Single Page option creates a style sheet and an index.html file.

Choosing the HTML Detailed Frames option creates the following files:

Choosing the Text Basic option creates a directory containing one text file.

You can click index.html to view a report. The following figure shows an output example of the HTML Detailed Frames report for the world schema.

Figure 9.15 The DBDoc Model Report

Model report showing schema overview, DDL script, tables, columns, and so on.

For more information about creating custom templates, see Section 9.7, “Customizing DBDoc Model Reporting Templates”.