MySQL Workbench

9.2.3 Schema Validation Plugins

MySQL Workbench provides validation modules so that you can test your models before implementing them.


This functionality is only available in MySQL Workbench Commercial.

The validation (MySQL) plugins are accessed from the Model menu within an open MySQL Model or EER Diagram tab. Beneath the menu item are a number of specific validation tests. Running any one of these tests (or Validate All) displays validation output in the Modeling Additions area of the window (click from the toolbar to open or close the panel). Alternatively, you can run the same validation tests from the Validate tab within the panel as the following figure shows.

Figure 9.16 Modeling: Validate Tab

Content is described in the surrounding text.

Information, warning, and error messages include an icon to show the severity of each issue visually. In addition, the output is organized by category: Validating routine groups, Validating routines, Validating tables, and Validating views. Changes made to Model Options (see Model) may alter the output of the individual validation tests. To copy one or more messages, highlight the output and select Copy from the context menu.

The following list names the validation type and gives examples of specific violations: