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1 Introduction to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Report Design Aid

Part I Creating Reports

2 Understanding Report Writing

3 Creating Report Objects

4 Using the Report Director

Part II Enhancing Reports Using Basic Functionality

5 Configuring the Report Design Aid Workspace

6 Working with Report, Section, Field, Column, and Row Properties

7 Working with Objects in Report Sections

8 Working with Objects Unique to Tabular Sections

9 Modifying the Appearance of Report Sections

10 Modifying the Appearance of Report Objects

11 Including Attachments and Comments in Reports

12 Inserting Header and Footer Sections

13 Working with Level Break Sections

14 Working with Smart Fields

Part III Enhancing Reports Using Advanced Functionality

15 Understanding Advanced Report Enhancements

16 Joining Detail Sections

17 Including Text Attachments in Reports

18 Working with the Drill Down Feature

19 Working with Database Output

Part IV Understanding Logic and Processing

20 Working with Event Rules

21 Understanding Events

22 Understanding Report Processing

23 Understanding Runtime Processing

24 Working with Report Interconnects

Part V Creating Objects for Use in Report Design

25 Transaction Processing System Functions

26 Setting Up Business Views as Favorites

27 Using Date Titles in Financial Reports

28 Setting Up Processing Option Templates

29 Working with Subsystem Jobs

30 Creating Report Director Templates

31 Creating Smart Fields

32 Defining Batch Error Messages