Sun Adapter for DB2 Connect
Class Db2ConnectCallableStatementResultSet

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public class Db2ConnectCallableStatementResultSet
extends ResultSetAgentImpl

Result Set to map Oracle Procedure parameters of type REF CURSOR.


Field Summary
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concurrencyType, fetchDirection, resultSet, resultSetType, rsmd, session, sName, sqlException
Constructor Summary
Db2ConnectCallableStatementResultSet( session, stmtAgent, java.lang.Integer ordObj)
Method Summary
 boolean next()
          Moves the cursor to the next row of the result set.
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Constructor Detail


public Db2ConnectCallableStatementResultSet( session,
                                            java.lang.Integer ordObj)
Method Detail


public boolean next()
             throws java.sql.SQLException
Moves the cursor to the next row of the result set.

Specified by:
next in interface
next in class ResultSetAgentImpl
true if successful; false if there are no more rows.
SQLException - when SQL problems occur.

Sun Adapter for DB2 Connect