Interface Summary
QueryManager The QueryManager class executes the SQL queries against the master index database, providing a single point of access to database queries.
ResultObjectAssembler The ResultObjectAssembler interface contains the methods used to assemble the JDBC objects that result from a query.

Class Summary
AssembleDescriptor The AssembleDescriptor class contains information used by the assembler engine (AssemblerEngine class) to construct the resulting composite objects.
AttributesData The AttributesData class provides access to the data returned from a generated SQL query through the value object assembler methods (such as those in the classes that implement the ResultObjectAssembler interface).
Condition The Condition class represents a condition in the WHERE clause of a SQL statement that is used to build a query object.
EOSearchResultAssembler The EOSearchResultAssembler class creates the results data (that is, EOSearchResultRecord objects) used by the Enterprise Data Manager to display the results of a search.
MatchTuple The MatchTuple class is used by the match engine when a candidate pool of possible matches to a record is returned by the Query Manager.
MatchTupleAssembler The MatchTupleAssembler class is used by the match engine to assemble a MatchTuple object for each database tuple.
ObjectNodeAssembler The ObjectNodeAssembler class creates an object node (class ObjectNode) hierarchy.
ObjectNodeMetaNode The ObjectNodeMetaNode class describes the structure of object nodes (ObjectNode class).
QMIterator The QMIterator class is called by the Query Manager to iterate through a composite object list.
QueryObject The QueryObject class represents the criteria and conditions of an object query in the master index.
QueryResults The QueryResults class is used for tuple creation and for late assembling of tuples.
TupleAssembler The TupleAssembler class assembles tuples from the data retrieved by the Query Manager.
ValueMetaNode The ValueMetaNode class describes the structure of the composite value objects assembled by the Query Manager and the assembler engine.

Exception Summary
QMException The QMException class represents an exception thrown when an error occurs while the Query Manager is executing a query or assembling the results of the query.
VOAException The VOAException class represents an exception thrown when an error occurs while assembling the objects used by the Query Manager and Query Builders.

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