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Oracle® Database Backup and Recovery Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E10643-03
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Use the maintQualifier subclause to specify database files and archived redo log files.



Surrounding text describes maintqualifier.gif.

(completedTimeSpec::=, deviceSpecifier::=)



Syntax Element Description
completedTimeSpec Specifies a range of time for completion of the backup or copy.

See Also: completedTimeSpec

DEVICE TYPE deviceSpecifier Allocates automatic channels for the specified device type only. This option is valid only if you have configured automatic channels and have not manually allocated channels. For example, if you configure automatic disk and tape channels, and issue CHANGE...DEVICE TYPE DISK, then RMAN allocates only disk channels.

See Also: deviceSpecifier

LIKE 'string_pattern' Restricts datafile copies by specifying a filename pattern. The pattern can contain Oracle pattern matching characters percent sign (%) and underscore (_). RMAN only operates on those files whose name matches the pattern.

Note: You cannot use the LIKE option with the LIST ... ARCHIVELOG command or with backup pieces.

BACKED UP integer
TIMES TO DEVICE TYPE deviceSpecifier
Restricts the command to archived logs that have been successfully backed up integer or more times to the specified media. This option applies only to archived redo log files.

When the BACKED UP option is used with the DELETE ARCHIVELOG command, RMAN uses the BACKED UP setting rather than the configured settings to determine whether an archived log can be deleted. That is, CONFIGURE ARCHIVELOG DELETION POLICY is overridden. Use FORCE with DELETE ARCHIVELOG to override this configuration as well as any mismatches between media and repository.

TAG tag_name Specifies the datafile copies and backup sets by tag. Tag names are not case sensitive and display in all uppercase.

See Also: BACKUP for a description of how a tag can be applied to an individual copy of a duplexed backup set, and also for a description of the default filename format for tags


Example 4-28 Listing Backups in a Specific Location

The following command lists all image copies located in directory /disk2:

RMAN> LIST COPY LIKE '/disk2/%';
List of Datafile Copies
Key     File S Completion Time Ckp SCN    Ckp Time
------- ---- - --------------- ---------- ---------------
9855    1    A 08-MAR-07       1394701    08-MAR-07
        Name: /disk2/data_D-PROD_I-28014364_TS-SYSTEM_FNO-1_8eic410j
        Tag: TAG20070308T160643
9856    2    A 08-MAR-07       1394735    08-MAR-07
        Name: /disk2/data_D-PROD_I-28014364_TS-SYSAUX_FNO-2_8fic412a
        Tag: TAG20070308T160643

Example 4-29 Deleting Archived Logs That Are Already Backed Up

The following command deletes only those archived logs that have been successfully backed up two or more times to tape. In this example, only the sequence 36 archived log meets these criteria.

released channel: ORA_SBT_TAPE_1
allocated channel: ORA_DISK_1
channel ORA_DISK_1: SID=104 device type=DISK
RMAN-08138: WARNING: archived log not deleted - must create more backups
archived log file name=/disk1/oradata/prod/arch/archiver_1_37_616443024.arc thread=1 sequence=37
List of Archived Log Copies for database with db_unique_name PROD
Key     Thrd Seq     S Low Time
------- ---- ------- - ---------
9940    1    36      A 08-MAR-07
        Name: /disk1/oradata/prod/arch/archiver_1_36_616443024.arc
Do you really want to delete the above objects (enter YES or NO)? Y
deleted archived log
archived log file name=/disk1/oradata/prod/arch/archiver_1_36_616443024.arc RECID=129 STAMP=616695115
Deleted 1 objects