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Oracle® OLAP DML Reference
11g Release 2 (11.2)

Part Number E17122-05
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The VARCACHE option specifies whether Oracle OLAP stores or caches all variable data that is the result of the execution of an AGGREGATE function or $NATRIGGER property expression.


The value of the VARCACHE option is only one factor that Oracle OLAP uses to determine whether variable data computed when the AGGREGATE function or $NATRIGGER property executes is stored or cached. For a discussion of the other factors and their interrelationship, see "How Oracle OLAP Determines Whether to Store or Cache Results of $NATRIGGER" and "How Oracle OLAP Determines Whether to Store or Cache Aggregated Data".





Specifies that Oracle OLAP stores the data in the variable in the Database. When you specify this option, the results of the calculation are permanently stored in the variable when the analytic workspace is updated and committed.


Specifies that Oracle OLAP caches the calculated data in the session cache (See "What is an Oracle OLAP Session Cache?"). When you specify this option, the results of the calculation are ignored during updates and commits and are discarded after the session.


When SESSCACHE is set to NO, Oracle OLAP does not cache the data even when you specify SESSION. In this case, specifying SESSION is the same as specifying NONE.

For data that is calculated on the fly using the AGGREGATE function, specifies that Oracle OLAP calculates the data each time the AGGREGATE function executes; Oracle OLAP does not store or cache the data calculated by the AGGREGATE function


Usage Notes

The VARCACHE Option Can Affect All Variables

When you set the VARCACHE option, its setting can affect all variables. When you have not set the $VARCACHE property on a variable and there is no CACHE statement in the aggmaps that you use with the AGGREGATE function to calculate data on the fly, then it is the VARCACHE option that determines how or if that data is stored.