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Oracle Spares Management User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E12789-04
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Oracle Spares Management User Guide


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Spares Management

Using Spares Logistics

Overview: Parts Search and Ordering
Overview: Parts Return
      Creating and Managing Return Routing Rules
Using Parts Return
Creating a Parts Requirement Manually
Creating a Parts Requirement Automatically
Creating an Order or a Parts Reservation
Using Parts Search Hierarchy
Overview: Move Orders
Creating Move Orders
Creating Reservations for Move Orders
Printing Pick Lists for Move Orders
Confirming Pick Lists for Move Orders
Creating Pack Lists and Confirming Shipment
Receiving Shipments for Move Orders
Viewing the Status of Move Orders
Viewing the Status of Internal Orders
Creating Replenishment Orders

Using the Planner's Desktop

Planner's Desktop Summary
Creating and Maintaining the Planning Tree
Creating the Planning Tree
Managing Planning Tree Subinventories
Adding Multiple Subinventories
Moving Subinventories
Deleting Subinventories
Creating and Making Planning Recommendations
Setting Up Personal Usage Planning Method
Using Personal Usage Planning Method Modified by Population Change
Setting Up Territory Norm Planning Methods
Setting Up Product Norm Planning Method
Setting Up Blended Planning Methods
Setting Up Business Rules for Automated Min-Max Recommendations
Generating Stock List Recommendations
Adding or Modifying an Authorized Stock List
Setting Up Part Supersession and Supersession Notes
Create Warehouse Notifications
Setting Up and Creating Warehouse Notifications
Setting Up Business Rules to Automate Warehouse Notifications
Warehouse Replenishment Notifications
Performing Warehouse Replenishment Notifications
Warehouse Replenishment Using Depot Repair
Viewing Parts Status and Order Detail

Loop Planning, Notifications, and Reporting Hierarchy

Summary: Loop Planning, Notifications, and Reporting
Creating a Parts Loop
Assigning Subinventories to a Parts Loop
Defining a Master Stock List
Creating and Using Loop Notifications
Creating Part Availability Data
Creating Usage History
Viewing Usage and Forecast Data
Creating Notifications
Processing Notifications

Warehouse Replenishment Planning

Warehouse Replenishment Planning

Overview: Planning Field Service Warehouse Inventories
Overview: Planned Order Release Automation
Integration with Repair Execution
Plan Selection
Overview: Warehouse Replenishment Plan Page

Using Warehouse Replenishment Planning

Creating Warehouse Replenishment Plans
Finding Warehouse Replenishment Plans
Accessing Warehouse Replenishment Plan Details
Reviewing Warehouse Replenishment Plans
Specifying Planning Parameters for a Specific Part
Specifying Planning Parameters for a Warehouse Organization
Regenerating Warehouse Replenishment Plans
Executing Planned Orders
Performing Planned Order Release Automation
Processing Excess On Order Recommendations
Processing Unutilized Excess and Repair
Rescheduling In or Out
Reviewing Superseded Parts

External Repair Execution

External Repair Execution

Overview: External Repair Execution
Integration with Warehouse Replenishment Planning
Search for Repair Purchase Orders
Overview: Repair Purchase Order Details User Interface

Using Repair Purchase Orders

Repair Purchase Requisitions
Searching for and Viewing a Repair Requisition
Approving a Repair Requisition
Creating and Approving Repair Purchase Orders
Creating and Shipping the Internal Order
Receiving the Internal Order at the Repair Supplier
Creating the Work In Process (WIP) Order
Entering Adjustment and Scrap Transactions
Receiving the Purchase Order at the Field Service Warehouse

Windows/Pages and Navigation Paths

Overview of Field Service Windows/Pages and Navigation Paths
Windows/Pages and Navigator Paths