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Oracle E-Business Suite Concepts
Release 12.1
Part Number E12841-04
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AutoConfig profiler link
  environment variable link

<CONTEXT_NAME>.env link


Accounting Setup Manager
  General Ledger link

Active Session History link
AD Administration link link
  adadmin link
  Change Maintenance Mode menu link

AD Merge Patch link
adadmin link link link link link link link
adconfig.txt file link
ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME environment setting link
Administration server
  obsolete link

adovars.env file link
adpatch link link link link
   Workflow Business Event System link

  definition of link

  Unicode character set link

ALR link
ANSI dates
  in time zones link

AOL/J link
APPCPNAM environment setting link
  directory and upgrades link
  environment setting in .env link

APPLCSF environment setting link
APPLDCP environment setting link
APPLFENV environment setting link
Application Object Library directory (fnd) link
application tier
  components link
  definition link
  load balancing link

Applications context link link
Applications context file link
Applications Dashboard
  Oracle Applications Manager link

Applications Listener
  use in concurrent processing link

Applications Utilities
  see AU link

Applications Utilities directory link
APPLLOG environment setting link
APPLOUT environment setting link
APPLPTMP environment setting link link
APPLTMP environment setting link link link
APPS schema
  and base product schemas link
  benefits of using link
  custom schema access link
  data access link
  overview link

AU link
AU_TOP environment setting link
audit trail link
auditing link
AutoConfig link link

AutoConfig configuration file link
AutoConfig driver file link
AutoConfig Search Utility
  GenCtxinfRep link

AutoConfig template file link
Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor link
automatic segment space management link
Automatic Undo Management link
automatic undo management link
Automatic Workload Repository link
AutoPatch link link
  and Maintenance Mode link


BC4J link
Bookmarkable URLs link
Business Event System
  definition link


cfgcheck.html link
character sets
  difficult to change link
  multibyte link
  on database tier link
  on desktop tier link

cluster link link
codelevel link
COMMON_TOP directory link
  contents link

concurrent manager link
  log and output directories link

concurrent processing
  controlling the size of files link
  description link
  display of output link

Concurrent processing server
  description link

concurrent program library link
concurrent requests
  definition link

conflict domain
  Concurrent Processing link

Conflict Resolution Manager
  Concurrent Processing link

consolidated environment file link
context file
  AutoConfig link

context name link
Context Value Management link
core technology directories link
cost-based optimization link
country-specific functionality link
  custom schema access link
  data access link

CVM link
   See Context Value Management


data definition
  in XML Publisher link

Database Connection Tagging link
database context file link
database home link
database recovery link
Database Resource Manager link
Database tier
  description link

database tier link
date formats link
desktop tier link
  definition link

devenv.env file link
dictionary-managed tablespaces link
Distributed AD link


encrypting link
  third-party single sign-on service
    integration with Oracle Application Server link

environment files link link
  devenv.env link
  fndenv.env link

environment settings link
  operating system link

environment setup files link
external documents link


failover link
farm link
file types link
Flashback Database link
FND_TOP environment setting link
fndenv.env file link
FNDNAM environment setting link
FO link
   See formatting object

force logging
  and Data Guard link

formatting object link
Forms client applet
  description link

Forms listener servlet link
Forms server socket mode link
Forms service link
Forms services
  description link

Forms socket mode architecture link
  OC4J container link

function security link
functional administrators
  Oracle User Management link

functional currency
  definition of link


Generic Service Management link
global inventory
  Oracle Universal Installer link

  definition link

  between user IDs link

GWYUID environment setting link


hints link
HTTP Hardware Load Balancing link
httpd.conf link
HTTPS link


immediate program
  Concurrent Processing link

INST_TOP environment setting link
instance home
  definition link

instance recovery link
instantiation link
integration hub
  Oracle Application Server 10g role as link

Internal Concurrent Manager
  definition link

ISG link
   See Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway


JAR files link
Java APIs for Forms link
Java Archive files
  see JAR files link

Java servlet link
Java servlet engine link
JAVA_TOP environment setting link
JavaServer Page (JSP) link
JSP files link


language support link
LDAP link
  definition of link

ledger currency
  definition of link

License Manager link
  Using to list product names link

Lightweight Directory Access Protocol link
Link-on-the-fly support link
load balancer
  categories link

load balancing link
  DNS round robin link

local inventory
  Oracle Universal Installer link

locally managed tablespaces link
log files link
Logical Standby link
   See SQL Apply

login assistance
  in Oracle User Management link


Maintenance Mode link
maintenance packs link
Manage Downtime link
materialized views link
merged APPL_TOP link
Microsoft Active Directory
  LDAP V.3 directory
    integration with Oracle Application Server link

mini-packs link
mixed platform architecture link
MLS link
   See Multiple Language Support

Monitoring tab
  in Oracle Applications Manager link

MRC link
multilingual support link
Multiple Language Support
  definition link

multiple ORACLE_HOMEs link
Multiple Organization Architecture link link
  ORG_ID link
  partitioned objects link
  patching link

Multiple Organizations Architecture
  overview link


National Language Support
  definition link
  see NLS link

  third-party single sign-on service
    integration with Oracle Application Server link

NLS link
   See National Language Support
  default date and number formats link
  language profile option link
  profile options link
  territory profile option link

NLS settings link
NLS settings and the Personal Home Page link
NLS_DATE_FORMAT environment setting link
NLS_LANG environment setting link
node link
nologging link
notifications link
number formats link


OA_HTML environment setting link
OAM link
OAM Support Cart link
OATM link
   See Oracle Applications Tablespace Model

OC4J Load Balancing link
OCM link
   See Oracle Configuration Manager

OID link
one-to-many-support link
operating unit
  definition of link

Oracle Alert link
Oracle Application Change Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite link link
Oracle Application Framework link
Oracle Application Management Pack for Oracle E-Business Suite link
  and Oracle Applications Manager link

Oracle Application Object Library link
Oracle Application Server link
   See also OracleAS

Oracle Applications Manager link
  and Maintenance Mode link

Oracle Applications Tablespace Model link
Oracle Clusterware
  and Oracle RAC link

Oracle Common Modules link
Oracle Configuration Manager link
Oracle Data Guard link
Oracle Database 11g ORACLE_HOME link
Oracle Database Vault
  Uses link

Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture link
Oracle E-Business Suite Home Page link
Oracle E-Business Suite Integrated SOA Gateway link
Oracle E-Business Suite patches link
Oracle E-Business Suite technology layer link
Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control
  and Oracle Applications Manager link

Oracle General Ledger
  directory structure link

Oracle HTML-Based Applications
  Java servlet access link

Oracle HTML-based Applications
  files link

Oracle HTTP server
  components of link

Oracle Internet Directory link
Oracle Net link
Oracle Portal link
Oracle Process Manager link
Oracle RAC link
   See Oracle Real Application Clusters

Oracle Real Application Clusters link
Oracle Single Sign-On link
Oracle Universal Connection Pool link
Oracle Universal Installer link link
  overview link

Oracle User Management link
Oracle Workflow Builder
  definition link

Oracle Workflow Event Manager link
Oracle XML Publisher link
  database link

OracleAS 10.1.2 ORACLE_HOME link link
OracleAS 10.1.3 ORACLE_HOME link link
ORG_ID link
output files link


Parallel Concurrent Processing link
Parallel Mode
  AutoConfig link

partitioned objects
  in Multiple Organizations link

partitioned tables link
  database table link

partner applications link
password-based authentication link
Patch Nomenclature
  Description link

Patch Wizard link
  environment setting link

PDF link
Personal Home Page and NLS settings link
  of AutoConfig operation link

physical standby link
   See Redo Apply

PL/SQL output files
  location link

PLATFORM environment setting link
port pool
  choice when cloning link

Portable Document Format link
primary ledger
  definition of link

product family release update pack link
product top directory
  see <PROD>_TOP link

profile link
provisioning link
provisioning integrated application link
provisioning profiles link link
Proxy User
  in Oracle User Management link


query optimization
  use of materialized views link

queue handler link


Rapid Clone link
Rapid Install link
RBAC link
   See Role Based Access Control

Real Application Clusters link
Redo Apply
  Data Guard option link

release update pack link
Report Review Agent link
Reporting Currencies link link
Reporting Currency
  definition of link

reporting currency link
responsibility link link
Restricted Mode
  and Maintenance Mode link

Rich Text Format
  document format link

Role Based Access Control link
RTF link


secondary ledger link
  definition of link

seed data
  tablespace management and link

server link
services link
  definition link

servlet engine link
  in Oracle HTML-based Applications link

Set of Books link
   See ledger

Shared APPL_TOP link
Shared Application Tier File System link link
SID link
single sign-on link
Site Map link
source system
  cloning link

spawned program
  Concurrent Processing link

SQL Apply
  Data Guard option link

staged Applications system
  in patching link

Standard Manager
  Concurrent Processing link

standby database link
subscriptions link
Sun JRE Plug-in link
  LDAP V.3 directory
    integration with Oracle Application Server link

synchronization link
System Identifier link
system integration hub
  Oracle Workflow role as link


tablespaces link
target process
  Concurrent Processing server link

target system
  cloning link

TDE link
   See Transparent Data Encryption

  in XML Publisher link

third-party utilities
  location link

three-tier architecture link
tier link
  third-party single sign-on service
    integration with Oracle Application Server link

Transaction Manager
  Concurrent Processing link

transactional data
  tablespace management and link

Transparent Data Encryption link


UCP link
   See Oracle Universal Connection Pool

undo tablespaces link
Unicode link link
unified driver
  patch link

  character set link

User-Preferred Time Zone Support
  definition link

UTF8 link
utl_file_dir link
utl_file_dir parameter link


W3C link
Web Review Agent link
Web services link
  description link

work shift
  Concurrent Processing link

  Concurrent Processing server link
   See target process

Workflow Engine
  definition link

  Workflow link

World Wide Web Consortium link


XSL-FO link