Oracle E-Business Suite Installation Guide: Using Rapid Install


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Getting Started

How Rapid Install Works
      Installing New Systems
      Managing Distributed Installations
      Upgrading a Release 11
      Installing a New Technology Stack
Installed Components and System Requirements
      Technology Stack Components
      System Software, Patch Level, and Networking Requirements
      CPU Requirements
      Memory Requirements
      Disk Space Requirements
Before You Install
      Review Associated Documentation
      Create Operating System Accounts
      For UNIX users
      Single-user UNIX installations
      Multi-user UNIX installations
      For Windows users
      Setting Up the Stage Area
      Installation Software Delivery Format
      Creating the Stage Area Directory
      Stage Area Directory Structure
Starting Rapid Install
      Special Startup Options
      Using an Alias For the Host Machine
      Restarting the Installation
      Installing a New Technology Stack
Gathering Configuration Information
      Navigating in the Wizard
What To Do Next

Performing an Installation

Standard Installation
Express Installation
What To Do Next

Performing an Upgrade

How an Upgrade Works
Creating the Upgrade File System
Configuring and Starting Server Processes
What To Do Next

Installing Technology Stack Components

Upgrading an Existing Technology Stack
Database and Applications Tier Procedures

Finishing Tasks

Required Tasks for All New Installations
      Log in to Oracle E-Business Suite
      Change Default Passwords
      Configure Database Initialization Parameters
      Apply Oracle Application Server 10g ( Patches and Redeploy Forms EAR File
      Apply Security Patches and Review Best Practices
      Update PL/SQL Log and Out Directory
      Implement Product and Country-Specific Functionality
      Check Client Software For Use With Forms Applet
      Set Up Printers
      Understand System Administration Tasks
      Understand Oracle E-Business Suite Maintenance Tasks
Conditional Tasks for New Installations
      Resize the Database
      Configure Parallel Concurrent Processing
      Configure Forms Socket Mode
      Set Up National Language Support (NLS)
      Set Up Unicode Character Sets
      Complete Workflow Notification Mailer Configuration
      Set Up and Implement Oracle Embedded Data Warehouse (EDW)
      Set Up and Implement Discoverer End User Layer (EUL)
      Set Up Demand Planning
      Convert to a Public Sector, Education, or Not-for-Profit System
      Convert Database to Multiple Organizations
Back Up Oracle E-Business Suite

Configuration Details

Rapid Install Configuration Parameters
      Database Parameters
      Applications Node Parameters
      Global System Settings
      Log Files
Requirements for a New Production Database
Vision Demonstration Database Requirements