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Oracle Common Application Calendar Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13405-04
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This chapter covers the following topics:

Setting Up Metadata Objects

You can add additional data in the JTF objects table. Metadata source objects have static definitions to dynamically retrieve data during runtime. This allows for the code to call the metadata source name, instead of writing the code out in every location.

Note: In some instances, Customer Profiles and Service Request notes, require a specific prefix or code name.

Perform the following steps to add data in JTF objects for use in Tasks Manager.

Responsibility: CRM Administrator


  1. Navigate to Task and Escalation Manager > Setup > Objects Meta-data.

  2. Enter a name, description, and unique object code.

  3. Enter or select information in the fields for all sections that are needed for this source.

  4. Enter the following information in the Launch Details tab:

  5. Enter the following database information in the Select Statement Details tab:

  6. Enter the following information in the LOV and Data Security tab:

    In the LOV region:

  7. Define the object user in the Usage tab:

    Object User: Select the object user from the list of values.

    The Seeded check box is not editable. It indicates that the data is seeded.

    Usage users are specified access locations where an object can be used. As long as the object is not seeded, all usages can be assigned.

Setting Up the Source Object Code and Context

When defining a new document, the Notes implementor or system administrators must associate Notes usage to the new document. In the Forms-based Notes, the document name appears in the Source list. Each item in the Source list has an associated related object, which appears in the Related To list.

Perform the following steps in Forms to define the source code usage as NOTES.


  1. Navigate to Task and Escalation Manager > Setup > Objects Meta-data.

  2. In the Tasks Setup: Object Types window opens, perform one of the following tasks:

  3. For detailed instruction on how to enter each field, please see Setting Up Metadata Objects.