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Oracle Financials Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13425-05
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Oracle Financials Implementation Guide


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Implementation Considerations
Implementation Guides
Accounting Setup Manager
Oracle Advanced Global Intercompany System
Legal Entity Configurator
Accounting Sequencing

Overview of Accounting Setups

Accounting Setups
      Ledger Processing Options
      Secondary Ledgers
      Reporting Currencies
Accounting Setup Considerations
      Accounting Setups with One Legal Entity
      Accounting Setups with Multiple Legal Entities
      Accounting Setups with No Legal Entities
      Designing the Chart of Accounts
      Feature Comparison by Accounting Setup

Using Accounting Setup Manager

Creating Accounting Setups
      Accounting Setup Process
      Accounting Setup Prerequisites
      Accounting Setup Manager Pages
      Accounting Setup Manager Checklist
Legal Entities Overview
      Balancing Segment Value Assignments
      Using Balancing Segment Values for Transaction Processing
      Completing Accounting Setups
      Designating the Balancing Segment for a Chart of Accounts
      Defining Legal Entities Using Accounting Setup Manager
      Updating Balancing Segment Values
Creating Accounting Setup Structures
      Accounting Setup Manager Prerequisites Checklist
      Creating an Accounting Setup
      Assigning Legal Entities
      Defining Accounting Representations
      Saving the Accounting Structure
Completing Accounting Options
      Updating Legal Entities
      Primary Ledger Setup Steps
      Secondary Ledger Setup Steps
      Ledger Options
Reporting Currencies
      Assigning Reporting Currencies to Ledgers
      Journal Source and Category Conversion
      Subledger Level Reporting Currencies
      Journal Conversion Rule Examples
      Changing Conversion Rules
      Adding Reporting Currencies
      Disabling the Conversion of Reporting Currencies
Ledger Balancing Segment Value Assignments
Subledger Accounting Options
Operating Units
Intercompany Accounts
Intracompany Balancing Rules
Secondary Ledgers
      Data Conversion Levels
      Using Secondary Ledgers for Consolidated Reporting
      Using Ledgers for Consolidation
Completing Accounting Setup
      Adding, Deleting, and Disabling Secondary Ledgers
      Primary to Secondary Ledger Mapping

Defining Legal Entities Using the Legal Entity Configurator

      Legal Entities
      Legal Authorities
      Legal Associations
      Generating the Legal Entity Identifier
Using the Legal Entity Configurator
      Using the Legal Entity Home Page
      Searching for a Legal Entity
      Creating a Legal Entity
      Creating Establishments
      Configuring an Organization as a Legal Entity or Establishment
      Updating Legal Entities
      Updating Legal Entities Details
      Updating Establishments
      Creating Registrations
      Updating Registrations
      Changing the Main Establishment
      Setting Up Legal Addresses
      Searching for a Jurisdiction
      Creating and Updating Jurisdictions
      Creating and Updating Legal Authorities

Intercompany and Intracompany Balancing

Intercompany Balancing
Intracompany Balancing Rules
Intercompany Balancing Engine

Additional General Ledger Setup

Ledger Sets
Oracle General Ledger Security
      Data Access Sets
      Definition Access Sets

Accounting and Reporting Sequencing

Defining Sequences
      Updating Sequences
      Sequences Page
Defining Sequence Assignments
      Creating a Sequencing Context
      Sequence Contexts Page
      Sequencing Context for Subledger and General Ledger Journals
      Assigning a Sequence
      Sequence Assignments Page
      Sequence Assignments for Subledger and General Ledger Journals
      Defining Exceptions
      Updating Assignments

Accounting Setup Examples

Accounting Setup with Multiple Legal Entities – U.S. Only Operations
      Additional Requirements
      Accounting Setup for U.S. Legal Entities
Accounting Setup – North American Company
      Additional Requirements:
      Accounting Setup for Canadian Legal Entity
      Ledger Sets
Accounting Setup – European Operations
      Requirements for London Rain (U.K.):
      Accounting Setup for the U.K.
Accounting Setup - Latin America Operations
      Requirements for Brazil:
      Accounting Setup for Brazil
Accounting Setup with No Legal Entities - Consolidation Example
      Accounting Setup for Consolidation Purposes
      Consolidation Steps
Management Reporting Example - U.S. Only Operations
      Additional Requirements
      Using Secondary Ledgers for Management Reporting
      Ledger Set

Oracle Financials Profile Options

Profile Options Overview
      Setup Profile Options Summary