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Oracle Treasury User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13426-05
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Oracle Treasury User Guide


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About Oracle Treasury

Treasury Setup

Setting Up Oracle Treasury
Related Product Setup Steps
Setup Flowchart
Treasury Setup Checklist
System Setup
Currency Holiday Rules
Portfolio Codes
System Languages
Import Sources and Reconciliation
Confirmation Templates
Journal Entry Actions
User Access Levels
Audit Requirements
System Parameters
Deal Setup
Stock Issues
Bond Issues
Bill/Bond Issue Numbers
Exposure Types
Payment Schedules
Defining Hedge Policies
Defining Hedge Objective Types
Defining Hedge Strategies
Party Setup
Party Types
Counterparty Profiles
Company Profiles
Cash Leveling
Deal Confirmation Groups
Default Settlement Accounts
Default Settlement Actions
Party Groups
Policy Setup
Deal Types and Product Types
Deal Rate Tolerances
Currency Details
Interest Rate Policy
Limits Setup
Defining Limit Types and Limits Monitoring
Defining Global Limits
Limit Weighting
Defining Term Limits
Defining Counterparty Limits
Defining Counterparty Group Limits
Defining Settlement Limits
Defining Sovereign Limits
Defining Currency Limits
Defining Dealer Limits
Limits Workflow Notification
Interest Override Tolerances
Tax/Brokerage Setup
Brokerage Schedule and Details
Tax Schedule and Details
Rates, Curves, and Market Data Sets Setup
Current System Rates
Market Data Curves
Viewing Market Data Curves
Market Data Sets

Foreign Exchange Deals

Foreign Exchange
Spot and Forwards
Foreign Exchange Options
Rollovers and Predeliveries

Money Market Deals

Money Market Deals
Short Term Money
Common Details for Short Term Money Deals
Transaction Details for Short Term Money Deals
Intercompany Funding
Wholesale Term Money
Retail Term Money
Negotiable Securities
Discounted Securities
Fixed Income Securities
Forward Rate Agreements
Interest Rate Swaps
Bond Options
Interest Rate Options
Interest Rate Swaptions


Equity Market Deals
Purchasing Stocks
Reselling Stocks
Entering Cash Dividends
Viewing Cash Dividends
Viewing Deal Summary
Viewing Resale and Dividend History

Other Deal Items

Other Deal Items
Quick Deals
Exposure Transactions
Deal Orders
Deal Linking Codes
Inter-Account Transfers
Deal Data Import


Hedge Attributes
Entering Hedge Attributes
Hedge Relationships
Entering Actual Hedge Relationships
Actual Hedge Positions
Viewing Open Positions and Outstanding Actual Hedges
Criteria Set
Entering Forecast Hedge Relationships
Viewing Forecast Hedge Fulfillment Items
Completing the Forecast Hedge Fulfillment Process

Balances, Positions, Rates, and Limits

Annuities Calculator
Fixed Income Securities Calculator
Bank Accounts
Bank Account Balances
Bank Statement Input
Bank Account Reconciliation
Current System Rates
Retail Transaction Rates
Average Rates
Interest Rate Exposures
Net Transaction Summary
Limit Utilization and Excesses

Settlements and Accounting

Transaction Validation
Confirmation Letters
Tax Brokerage Settlements
Generating Payment Instructions and Transmitting EFT Payment Files
Prospective Hedge Effectiveness Testing
Retrospective Hedge Effectiveness Testing
Accruals and Amortizations
Daily Journals

Inquiries and Reports

Reports and Programs
      Common Report Parameters
      Common Report Headings
Administration Reports and Programs
      Audit Report
      Audit Summary Report
      Average FX Rates Report
      Calculate Revaluations
      Cancelled Transactions Summary Report
      Clear Journals
      EFC - Listing of Companies by Ledger
      EFC - Treasury Verification Report
      Generate Accruals
      Import Deal Data
      Import Deal Data Log File
      Limit Exceptions Log Report
      Loan Securities Report
      Monthly Average Rates/Amounts Report
      Non-Revaluation/Non-Accrual Related Journal Processing
      Reset Floating (Benchmarked) Rates Program
      Reset Floating (Benchmarked) Bond Issue Rates
      Retrieve Payment File Confirmations
      Revaluation/Accrual Related Journal Processing
      Transfer CE Bank Statement to Treasury
      Update Limit Utilizations Program
      Update Limit Weightings Program
      Update Settlement Bank Account Program
      Update Today's Average Rate Program
      Upload Bank Balances
Bank Statement Programs
      Bank Account Reconciliation Program
      Bank Statement Transfer Program
Data Exchange Programs
      Market Data Sample File Loader Request Set
      Market Data Load Sample File Program
      Market Data Transfer Sample File
      Market Data Transfer Program
      Market Data Transfer Report
      Upload FX Rates to GL
Hedging Reports
      Positions - Derivatives Disclosure by Hedge Type Report
      Positions - Derivatives Disclosure by Hedge Attribute Report
      Positions - Outstanding Hedge Instruments Report
      Positions - Forecast Hedge Items Fulfillment Report
      Positions - Outstanding Receivables/Payables Report
Intercompany Reports
      Interest Settlement Report
      Letters Report
Positions Reports
      Positions - Treasury Cashflows by Account Report
      Positions - Treasury Cashflows by Currency Report
      Positions - Treasury Consolidated Cashflows Report
      Discounted Securities Register
      FX Exposures Report
      Interest Rate Exposures Report
      Interest Rate Hedges Report
      Limit Utilization Report
      Maturities by Counterparty Report
      Maturities by Date Report
Revaluations Reports
      Currency Gain/Loss Revaluation Report
      Mark to Market Revaluation Summary Report
Settlement Reports
      Confirmation Letters Report
      Daily Payments/Receipts Letters Report
      Daily Payments/Receipts Report
      Journals by Date Report
      Status Report
Term Money Reports
      Calculate Retail Term Money Maturity Date Extensions
      New/Settled Retail Term Money Report
      Retail Term Money Aging Report
      Retail Term Money Overdues Report
      Retail Term Money Statements Report
      Summary Term Current Balances Report
      Term Average Rates Report
      Term Money By Type and Product


Treasury Navigator Paths

Deal Type Components

Deal Subtypes by Deal Type
      Date Types by Deal Type
      Deal Statuses by Deal Type
      Hedge Statuses
      Deal Amount Types and Deal Actions by Deal Type
      Deal Pricing Models by Deal Type

Open Interface Tables

Treasury Open Interface Tables
      Understanding Open Interface Tables
Table Descriptions

Treasury Terminology