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Oracle iAssets User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13435-03
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This chapter covers the following topics:

About Oracle iAssets

Oracle iAssets provides an easy-to-use system that provides powerful query functionality and automates most transfer events. Oracle iAssets allows you to find assets easily, enter the transfer information, and enter the approval information for the request. Oracle iAssets also allows you to automatically update Oracle Assets with the transfer information after the approval process.

Oracle iAssets comes with a built-in automated approval process using Oracle Approvals Management (AME). Oracle iAssets also comes with a built-in email notification system using Oracle Workflow.

Asset Search

Oracle iAssets includes a powerful search tool you can use to find any assets that are available in the Oracle Assets system. Oracle iAssets includes two types of search mechanisms:

When you find assets, you have the option to add them to an asset list. You can search for more assets, save the asset list for later use, or use the asset list to create transfer requests.

Note: Before creating a transfer request, you must first create an asset list containing the assets you want to transfer.

Asset Transfers

Oracle iAssets allows the following types of self-service asset transfers:

Seeded Responsibilities

Oracle iAssets provides the following seeded responsibilities:


Oracle iAssets provides the following types of security:

For more information on setting up security options, see: Defining Rules.

Human Resources System Integration

Oracle iAssets integrates with the Oracle Human Resources Management System. This integration is executed through Oracle Approvals Management (AME). Non-Oracle Human Resources applications can also use AME to identify an approver or verify an approver's authority.

Note: If you use a non-Oracle Human Resources application to interface with Oracle Approvals Management, you must still set up employees in Oracle Human Resources.

User-Definable Approval Rules

Every company has their own specific processes for defining approvals. Oracle iAssets allows companies to define individual approval rules through the AME approvals setup process.

The approval process is based on AME and Workflow. AME and Workflow regulate the emails and the sequence of approvers. Approvers log into the application to view notifications and perform approval actions.

iAssets Manager Role

The iAssets Manager responsibility allows you to log in and view all asset transfer requests and all assets and their transfer information for these requests. Users logged into this responsibility have the ability to change the transaction date, posting status, and the destination employee location and expense account of asset lines before they are posted to the Oracle Assets system. Users will also be able to view the approval history of requests. Usually the fixed assets manager has access to the iAssets Manager responsibility.

If the Require iAssets Manager approval before applying any self-service transfers check box has been checked on the Create Rule page, the iAssets manager is required to approve all asset lines before posting. The iAssets manager must set each asset line to Post before transfers will be applied to the system by the Post Asset Transfer Requests program. If the Require iAssets Manager approval before applying any self-service transfers check box is checked, a status of Pending appears for each asset line on the View Request page. If the check box is not checked, the status is automatically set to Post after approval. In this case, approval by the iAssets Manager is optional.