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Oracle iAssets User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13435-03
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Oracle iAssets User Guide


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About Oracle iAssets
      Asset Search
      Asset Transfers
      Seeded Responsibilities
      Human Resources System Integration
      User-Definable Approval Rules
      iAssets Manager Role

Setting Up Oracle iAssets

Setting Up Oracle iAssets
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Setup Checklist
Defining Oracle iAssets Rules
      Searching for Rules
      Defining Rules
      Assigning Rule Names to User Responsibilities

Using Oracle iAssets

Using Oracle iAssets
      Oracle iAssets Home Page
      Using iAssets to Search for Assets
      Viewing Saved Requests
      Creating an Asset List
      Viewing Asset Details
      Create Transfer Request: Request Details
      Create Transfer Request: Releasing Details
      Create Transfer Request: Destination Details
      Create Transfer Request: Review
      iAssets Manager Home Page
      Transfer Request Page
      Update Assets as Group Page
      Requests Page
      Schedule Request Page

Oracle iAssets Profile Options and Profile Option Categories

Profile Options and Profile Option Categories Overview
Profile Option Category and Profile Options Descriptions
      Debug Category
      Security Category
      Setup Category