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Oracle Service Contracts Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13456-04
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Oracle Service Contracts Implementation Guide


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Overview of Implementing Oracle Service Contracts

Confirming Oracle Applications Setups
About Oracle Service Contracts Setups

Setting Up Oracle Service Contracts

Extending Lookup Codes
Mapping Time Units of Measure
Setting Up Statuses and Operations
Registering a New Source as a JTF Object
Defining a Process
Defining Quality Assurance Checklists
Defining Roles and Role Sources
Setting Up Categories
Defining Coverage Types
Defining Standard Coverage and Subscription Templates
Creating Contract Items in Oracle Inventory
Defining Contract Groups
Setting Up Autonumbering
Defining Service Availability
Defining Service Cotermination
Setting Up Multi-Org Access Control (MOAC)
Setting Up the Approvals Management Engine (AME)

Setting Up Service Pricing and Billing

Creating Billing Profiles
Enabling Invoice Level Loading
Enabling Invoice Previewing
Setting Up Transaction Types
Setting Up Batch Transaction Sources
Setting Up Transaction Flexfield Segments
Pricing Service, Subscription, and Usage Items
Enabling Multi-Currency Price List Support
Enabling Advanced Attribute Sourcing
Running the Build Attribute Mapping Rules for Pricing Qualifiers and Attributes
Defining Sales Territories to Assign Vendor Contacts
Executing Billing Through Concurrent Programs
Enabling Credit Card Support
Setting Up Partial Period Attributes within Global Contracts Defaults

Setting Up Contract Events

Overview of Events
Defining Condition Templates
Using Query Conditions
Reviewing Errors from Asynchronous Processing
Using the Events Controller
Enabling Service Request Creation based on Contract Events
Starting the Event and Outcome Listeners
Starting the Workflow Background Process
Running the Date Assembler
Troubleshooting the Events Process

Setting Up Automatic Renewals

Overview of Automatic Renewals Setup
Creating Process Definitions for Renewals (Outcomes List of Values)
Creating Independent Conditions for the Renewal
Confirming Renewal Defaults
Starting the Workflow Background Process for Renewals
Running the Date Assembler for Renewals
Confirming the Automatic Renewal
Creating and Enabling Templates for E-Mails to Customers
Troubleshooting the Automatic Renewals Process

Enabling Integrations within the Oracle E-Business Suite

Enabling the Quick Menu
Defining the Contract Terms Library
Migrating Clauses to the Contract Terms Library
Setting Up Defaults for Services Affected by Oracle Installed Base Ownership Transfers
Personalizing HTML Views

System Profiles

Setting Up System Profile Options


Defining Lookups

Concurrent Programs

Running Concurrent Programs