Implementation Considerations

This chapter provides implementation details for Oracle Contracts.

This chapter covers the following topics:


This chapter describes resources and dependencies that you must be familiar with before you implement Oracle Contracts. Topics include:

Installation Verification

Before proceeding with implementation of Oracle Contracts and its dependencies, you must verify that you have installed Oracle Applications correctly. For more information, see Oracle Applications Installing Oracle Applications Guide.

Oracle Contracts Dependencies

Oracle Contracts depends on other Oracle modules and applications to provide additional functionality. Mandatory dependencies are required for Oracle Contracts to function properly. Conditional dependencies, when integrated, provide additional capabilities.

This section describes mandatory and optional dependencies for Oracle Contracts.

Mandatory Dependencies

For all the features to function properly, Oracle Contracts requires installation and implementation of the following Oracle modules:

Conditional Dependencies

The following conditional dependencies provide additional functionality but are not required for Oracle Contracts to function:

Dependency Verification

Refer to the available Oracle Contracts documentation to ensure correct installation, implementation, and setup of dependencies.