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Oracle Universal Work Queue Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13492-04
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Oracle Universal Work Queue Implementation Guide


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Dependencies and Integration Points

Mandatory Dependencies
Conditional Dependencies
Minimum Software Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Installation and Dependency Verification
Installing Oracle Universal Work Queue
Accessing Oracle Universal Work Queue

Implementation Tasks

Implementation Task Sequence
Defining an Administrator
Creating an Interaction Center Agent
Creating an Employee
Creating an Employee in CRM Resource Manager
Setting Up Employees as Users
Importing a Resource
Setting System Profile Options
Configuring the Oracle Universal Work Queue Server

Administration Tasks

Configuring Universal Work Queue for Application Work
Profile Options for Application Work
Configuring Universal Work Queue for Media Work
Profile Options for Media Work
Classifying Media Actions
Configuring a Screen Pop
Configuring Work Launching
Accessing the Work Launch Tab
Establishing Launch Rules for Work Launch
Deleting a Launch Action
Managing Work Providers at the Site-Level
Accessing and Using the Work Providers List Tab
Managing Work Provider Nodes
Configuring Messages and Special Instruction
Mapping Responsibilities for Messages and Special Instruction
Configuring Extended Detail Information
Mapping Responsibilities for Extended Detail Information
Configuring Actions for the Action Panel
Creating an Action
Editing Action Parameter Details
Deleting an Action
Mapping Responsibilities for Actions
Managing Quick Filters
      Creating a Quick Filter
      Entering Filter Details and Assigning Properties
      Deleting a Quick Filter
      Mapping Responsibilities for Quick Filters
Running Concurrent Processes
UWQ Session History Crashed Session Cleanup
UWQ Work Distribution Audit Log Purge Process
UWQ Notices Purge Process
Synchronize and Activate Task Work Source
UWQ Work Repository Purge Process

Integration Tasks

Application Work Integration
Application Work Nodes
Queued, Priority Work Distribution and Delivery
Application Notices
Marketing Lists
Service Requests
Media Channel Integration
Advanced Inbound Telephony
Advanced Outbound
Web Callback
Email Center
Interaction Blending Integration
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle Interaction Blending
Interaction Center Intelligence Integration
Set UWQ Server Profile Options for Oracle Interaction Center Intelligence
Oracle TeleSales Integration
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle TeleSales
Create a Media Action for Oracle TeleSales
Oracle TeleService Integration
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle TeleService
Advanced Inbound Integration
Advanced Inbound Media Support
Configure UWQ Server for an Oracle Advanced Inbound Screen Pop
Create a Media Action for Inbound Telephony
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle Advanced Inbound
Advanced Outbound Integration
Advanced Outbound Media Support
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle Advanced Outbound
Email Center Integration
Queued Emails
My Inbox
Enable Launching of Email Center Message Component from UWQ
Enable Display of Email Media Counts in UWQ
Oracle Customer Care Integration
Create a Universal Work Queue Media Action for Oracle Customer Care
Set UWQ Profile Options for Oracle Customer Care
Web Callback Integration

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Common Implementation Errors
Types of Oracle Universal Work Queue Issues
Signing on to Oracle Applications
Launching the Universal Work Queue desktop from the Navigator
Viewing Work Items
Accessing Work Items
Unable to Associate Media Type, Classification and Action
Types of Events in Universal Work Queue
Planned Start Date for Task List Does Not Include Time Stamp
Database Connection Failed
Viewing Applets Output
Log Files and Error Messages
Oracle Universal Work Queue Diagnostics
Verifying the Media Configuration
Testing Media Queues
Testing Media Eligibility
Verifying Nodes
Testing Profile Options
Testing Node Enumeration
Testing Valid Nodes
Verifying Node Refresh
Testing Node Refreshing
Verifying View Validation
Testing Run Time Nodes
Testing Datasource Views
Verifying Task Launching
Testing Task Launching
Running All Diagnostic Tests
Performing All Tests
Running Work Repository and Audit Tracking Diagnostics Reports
Running the Work Item Activity Report
Running the Work Items Individual - Group Membership Report
Running Work Launching Diagnostics Reports
Running the Work Launch Test
Running Task Launching Diagnostics Reports
Running the Work Launch Test

Implementation Worksheets

Universal Work Queue Administrator Worksheet
Universal Work Queue Profile Application Options Worksheet
Universal Work Queue Media Profile Options Worksheet
Media Classification Action Association Worksheet
Universal Work Queue Server Parameters Worksheet

Profile Options

Profile Values
Setting System Profile Options
Obsolete or Reserved Profile Options
Profile Options by Category
Media Profile Options
Application Profile Options

Server Parameters

Enable Network Tracing
Enable Server Logger Utility
Enables Interaction Blending Communications
Network Layer Number of Sessions
Network Layer Session Close Delay (Seconds)
Network Layer Session Timeout (Minutes)
Network Layer Trace File Name
Network Layer Trace Level
Remote Operation Retry Interval
Remote Operation Timeout Duration (Seconds)
Run AO Simulator (True/False)
Server Port (>1024 for UNIX and <64,000)
Trace Level

Command Line Parameters