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Oracle iSupport Implementation and Administration Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13495-04
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Oracle iSupport Implementation and Administration Guide


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Introduction to Oracle iSupport

Oracle iSupport Overview
Oracle iSupport Homepage
Service Request
Knowledge Base
Technical Library
Account Management
Products Repository
Customer Communications
Business Flows
User Profile
User Management
Multi-Party Access
Site Management

Dependencies and Integration Points

Overview of Dependencies
Mandatory Dependencies
Software Installation
Oracle Application Object Library
Oracle CRM Technology Foundation
Oracle Workflow
Oracle Trading Community Architecture
Oracle CRM Application Foundation
Conditional Dependencies
Oracle Web Conferencing
Oracle TeleService
Oracle Inventory and Oracle Install Base
Oracle Enterprise Asset Management
Oracle Bills of Materials
Oracle Receivables
Oracle General Ledger
Oracle Human Resource Management System
Oracle Order Management
Oracle Quoting and Order Capture APIs
Oracle Purchasing
Oracle iStore
Oracle Contracts Suite
Oracle Customer Care
Oracle Knowledge Management
Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System
Web Call-Back Dependencies
Oracle iMarketing
Oracle Scripting

Implementation Tasks for Oracle iSupport

Overview of Implementation Tasks
Confirming General Oracle Applications Setups
Confirming Oracle Trading Community Architecture Setup
Confirming Oracle Receivables Setup
Defining Employees
Confirming Oracle Foundation Technology Stack Setup
Performing System Administration Setups
Confirm Menus/Functions Setup
Understanding Responsibilities and Roles
Set Up Profile Options
Set Up Properties
Setting Up Oracle Workflow
Setting Up CRM Foundation
Setting Up CRM User Management Framework
Setting Up Enrollments
Setting Up Registration Templates
Setting Up Approval Processes
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Users
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Administrator
Steps to Assign Additional Roles and Responsibilities
Setting Up Language Associations
Setting Up an Oracle iSupport Primary User
Setting Up Employee User
Setting Up Business (B2B) User
Setting Up Individual (B2C) User
Setting Up Knowledge Management Administrator-User
Setting Up Survey Administrator-User
Setting Up Guest User
Setting Up Multi-Party Access
      Grant Multi-Party Access
      Grant Account Access
      Switch Party
      Search Parties
Setting Up Sites
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Homepage
Designing the Mandatory Content of the Home Page
Designing the Default Content of the Home Page
Editing Content Properties
Adding Content to the Home Page
Adding Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System Content
Deleting Content from the Home Page
Enabling Homepage Subscription E-Mails
Setting Up Service Request
Setting Up Oracle Knowledge Management
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Forums
Creating Categories
Creating Forums
Restricting Access to Categories or Forums
Creating Forum Moderators
Deleting Forum Moderators
Setting Up Marketing Encyclopedia System
Setting Up Account Inquiries
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Surveys
Setting Up Oracle Scripting
Create Surveys in Oracle Scripting
Assign Survey Administrator Responsibility to an Oracle iSupport User
Set Up Oracle iSupport Survey in iSurvey
Make Survey Available in Oracle iSupport
View Survey Results
Enabling Employees to File Service Requests for Assets
Setting Up Integration with iMarketing
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Web Call-Back
Setting Up Customer Care
Setting Up Page-Level Look and Feel
General Steps to Perform JSP Configuration
Mapping Customized JSPs to Customizing Functions
Mapping Page-Level Configuration Functions to Responsibilities
Setting Up Custom Menus
Setting Up Real-Time Conferencing

Integrating Oracle iSupport with Service Request

Overview of Service Request Functionality in Oracle iSupport
Overview of Dependencies
Overview of Setup Steps
Setting Up Oracle TeleService
Setting Up Oracle Notes
Set Note Types as Public to View in Oracle iSupport
Restrict Note Types Viewed in Oracle iSupport
Setting Up Service Requests in Oracle iSupport
Set Up iSupport Service Request Profile Options
Enabling Incident Addresses
Set Up Service Request Defaults
Set up Service Request Templates
Setting Up Display of Service Request Type Categories
Configuring Service Request Pages
The Service Request Creation Flow
Defining Regions
Contexts for Rendering Service Request Pages and the Creation Flow
Mapping Page Regions
Editing Mappings for Page Regions
Mapping Creation Flows
Editing Creation Flows
Setting Up Products
Using Knowledge Management in iSupport Service Request
Setting Up E-mail Submission of Service Request Details

Integrating Oracle iSupport with Products and Returns

Understanding Integration with Products and Returns
Setting Up Oracle Inventory
Setting Up Bills of Materials
Setting Up Oracle Install Base
Enabling Returns Functionality
Understanding Returns in Oracle Order Management
Understanding Returns in Oracle iSupport
Setting Up Oracle Quoting
Setting Up Oracle Order Management
Troubleshooting Returns in Oracle iSupport
Set Up Oracle Advanced Pricing
Set Up Oracle Shipping
Set Up Oracle Purchasing

Integrating Oracle iSupport with Oracle Workflow

Oracle Workflow Overview
Workflow Client
Workflow Server
Overview of Oracle Workflow Functionality in iSupport
Service Request
Homepage Subscription E-mails
Knowledge Management
User Approvals
Setting up Oracle Workflow
Party Access Notification

Integrating Oracle iSupport with the Oracle Applications Framework (OAF)

Overview of Integration with Oracle Applications Framework
Conventions for Interoperability with OAF-Based Applications
Setting Up an Oracle Shared Service Request Bin

Using Oracle iSupport

User Interface Basics
Performing Searches
Using Quick Find
Searching Account Information
Searching Oracle Install Base
Searching Forums
Searching and Browsing the Knowledge Base
Viewing Top Solutions from Oracle Knowledge Management
Choosing Home Page Content
Enabling Home Page E-mail Subscriptions
Using the Bookmarked Solutions Quick Links Bin
Using Service Requests
Using Accounts
Viewing Contracts
Viewing Returns
Viewing Repair Orders
Using Returns
Using Oracle Install Base
Viewing Oracle Install Base
Editing a Product in Oracle Install Base
Adding Products to Oracle Install Base
Using Saved Searches
Defining Saved Search Criteria
Viewing Categories
Posting New Messages to Forums
Subscribing to Forums
Setting Forums Signature
Changing User Profile Information
Changing/Resetting Password
Adding to or Changing Contact Points (Phone/Email/Fax)
Setting Display Preferences
Changing Default Customer Account

Administering Oracle iSupport

Maintaining Users
Creating Users
Deleting Users
Setting Effective Dates for Users
Searching for Users
Changing User Profile Information
Changing/Resetting Password
Adding/Changing Contact Points (Phone/E-mail/Fax)
Adding/Changing Address Information
Setting General Preferences
Changing Default Responsibility
Changing Default Customer Account
Setting User Homepage E-mail Subscription
Setting User Signature for Forums
Adding/Changing Company Information
Viewing Administrators Information
Mapping Technical Library Categories
Maintaining the Home Page
Maintaining Service Request Templates
Creating New Templates
Defining Template Parameters
Defining Template Questions and Answers
Setting Severity Thresholds for Templates
Setting the Default Template
Using the Save Template Feature to Create New Templates
Renaming Existing Templates
Disabling Templates
Configuring Surveys
Setting Up Oracle Scripting
Creating Surveys in Oracle Scripting
Assigning Survey Administrator Responsibility
Setting Up Oracle iSupport Survey in iSurvey
Making Surveys Available in Oracle iSupport
Viewing Survey Results
Configuring Call Me (Web Call Back)
Administering Forums
Maintaining Categories
Maintaining Forums
Maintaining Messages

Overview of Oracle Marketing Encyclopedia System

Planning your Implementation
Prerequisites for Accessing MES
Understanding the Access Manager
Setting up the Privileges
Understanding the Group Manager
Creating a Group
Setting up Privilege for the Whole Group
Understanding the Channel Manager
Setting up Access for a Channel
Setting up Channel Access for the User
Setting up Channel Access for a Group
Categories and Category Hierarchy
Creating Categories
Setting Up a Category Hierarchy
Creating Content Types
Creating Perspectives
Creating Channels
Publishing to Categories or Groups
Administering MES
Setting up Territories
Setting up Workflow Time Out
Changing the Default Values for Workflow Time Out
Setting up Proxy Information
Setting up Concurrent Jobs
Concurrent Programs as a Part of a Standard Request
Scheduling Concurrent Programs

System Profile Options

Before You Begin
About User Profile Options
How to Set Profile Options
Setting Oracle User Management Profile Options
Oracle Common Application Components (JTT) Profile Options
Oracle iSupport Profile Options
Oracle TeleService Profile Options
Oracle iStore Profile Options
Returns Profile Options
Oracle Knowledge Management Profile Options
Miscellaneous Profile Options
Oracle iSupport Parameters


Lookup Types

Seeded Information

Oracle iSupport Menus
Oracle iSupport Top Menus by Responsibility
Oracle iSupport Functions
User Responsibilities
Roles and Permissions
      Functions and Variables for Page-Level Configurability
      Service Request
      Online Help Targets
      Java Classes for Seeded Bins

Custom Look and Feel Configuration

Overview of Custom Look and Feel Configuration
Implementation Steps
Sample Code

Configuration of AK Regions

Configuring Oracle iSupport Service Request Pages
Example 1: Customizing a Top-Level Attribute
Example 2: Customizing a Nested Region Attribute