Oracle Receivables Implementation Guide


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Setting Up

Overview of Setting Up
      Related Product Setup Steps
      Setup Checklist
      Setup Steps

General Receivables Setup Tasks

Descriptive Flexfields
Implementing Document Sequences
      Overview of Document Sequencing
      Setting Up Document Sequences
      Sample Implementation
Header and Line Level Rounding
Defining Receivables Lookups
      Reviewing and Updating Receivables Lookups
      Customer Lookups
      Customer Profile Lookups
      Transaction Lookups
      Collections Lookups
      Receipt Lookups
      Credit Management Lookups
      Demand Class Lookups
      Using the Multiple Organization Support Feature
Defining Receivables System Options
      Accounting System Options
      Transactions and Customers System Options
      Claims System Options
      Miscellaneous System Options
      Territory Flexfield
      Maintaining Countries and Territories


Payment Terms
      Entering Discount Information
      Payment Terms Field Reference
Defining Customer Profile Classes
      Assigning Profile Classes to Customers, Accounts, or Addresses
      Updating a Customer Profile Class
      Customer Profile Class and Customer Account Profiles Field Reference
Setting Up DQM
Enabling the Funds Capture Process
Bank Account Validation by Country
Bank Branch Validation by Country
Flexible Addresses
      Address Style Mappings
      Setting Up Flexible Addresses
      Creating Custom Address Styles
      Using Flexible Addresses
Address Validation
      Address Validation Level
      Defining Flexible Address Validation


Approval Limits
AutoInvoice Line Ordering Rules
Setting Up Balance Forward Billing
Balance Forward Billing Cycles
Freight Carriers
Grouping Rules
Item Status
      Deleting Items
Remit-To Addresses
      Defining a Default Remit-To Address
Standard Memo Lines
Standard Messages
Transaction Batch Sources
      Transaction Batch Sources Field Reference
Transaction Types
      Bills Receivable Transaction Types
Unit of Measure Classes
Units of Measure

Revenue Management

Defining Revenue Contingencies
Defining Your Revenue Policy


Application Rule Sets
AutoCash Rule Sets
Automatic Receipt Programs
Defining Internal Banks
Distribution Sets
Receipt Methods
      Assigning Remittance Banks
      Defining a Bills Receivable Creation Receipt Method
      Defining a Bills Receivable Remittance Receipt Method
Receipt Classes
Receipt Sources
Receivables Activities
Transmission Formats
Cash Application Owner Assignment


Subledger Accounting Setup for Receivables
Using the Account Generator in Oracle Receivables
      Decide How to Use the Account Generator
      The Default Account Generator Process for Oracle Receivables
      Customizing the Account Generator for Oracle Receivables
Accounting Rules


Setting Up Tax


Aging Buckets and Interest Tiers
Charge Schedules
Setting Up Late Charges
Statement Cycles

Oracle Receivables Report Extracts

Oracle Receivables Open Balances Revaluation
Oracle Receivables Deposit Balance Report
Oracle Receivables Receipt Print Report

Oracle Receivables Profile Options

Profile Options
      Overview of Receivables User Profile Options
      Profile Options in Oracle Trading Community Architecture
      Profile Options in Oracle Order Management
      Profile Options in Oracle General Ledger
      Profile Options in Oracle Application Object Library

Oracle Receivables Function Security

Function Security in Oracle Receivables
      Receivables Functions

Image Reference

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