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Oracle Lease and Finance Management Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13577-05
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Oracle iSetup for Lease and Finance Management

Oracle iSetup for Lease and Finance Management

Oracle iSetup lets you duplicate or migrate setup components from one Oracle E-Business Suite instance to another. This helps you speed up your implementation task. In Lease and Finance Management, you can migrate the following setup components from one operating unit or instance to another.

Process Overview

To migrate from one instance to another, follow these steps:

For detailed information on creating selection sets, creating extracts, loading extracts, and dependent reports, see Migrations.

Caution: The migration fails if dependent setup components are not present or partly migrated.

Note: Lease and Finance Management does not support transforms.

Migrating Setups from an Operating Unit to Another

To migrate setups from one operating unit to another, perform the following:

  1. Create a selection set based on the setup requirements.

  2. Use the selection set and create an extract file from the source operating unit.

  3. Download the extract file (a zip file) to your desktop or any other storage media and unzip the file.

  4. Open the files in an Editor, find and replace all the source operating units to the target operating units.

  5. Create a zip file of all the files.

  6. Upload the zip file to the target instance.

  7. Create a Load using the upload file.