Concurrent Programs

This appendix covers the following topics:

List of Concurrent Programs

The following table shows the Concurrent Programs of Oracle Knowledge Management.

Oracle Knowledge Management Concurrent Programs
Concurrent Program Name Description
Knowledge Management Calculate Solution Usage Score Calculates the usage score of solutions for the Search Effectiveness Module.
Knowledge Management Category Index Synchronization Synchronizes the Category Oracle Text index to enable Categories to be Searchable.
Knowledge Management Purge Tracking History Purges temporary data stored in Oracle Knowledge Management tracking history.
Knowledge Management Solution Export Program Exports solutions from Oracle Knowledge Management using the user specified criteria. The process saves the results in XML format in the concurrent programs out file. This concurrent program downloads the solutions based on the following criteria:
  • The category name from which the solutions must be downloaded.

  • The status of all the solutions in a category, for example, Published or All.

Knowledge Management Solution Import Program Imports new solutions and updates existing solutions in Oracle Knowledge Management. It is a Java concurrent program that can upload multiple solutions. The solutions to be imported can either be new solutions or existing solutions with updates. This program uses the input XML file name (absolute path) and commit interval (how often to commit the import) parameters for running. The file must contain the solutions in a XML format and must be compliant with the Document Type Definition (DTD) for Oracle Knowledge Management, cskb_solution.dtd. This program verifies the validity of the input XML document. Each new solution to upload can either have a Saved status or be directly published, if the flow information is provided. Users can update only published solutions. These Solutions continue to have a Published status after the update. File type attachments are supported and can be imported. For importing attachment to work follow the instructions in the Prerequisite for using the Solution Knowledge Management Solution Import Program section. Statement Global Update is supported. Any statement with a statement number is globally updated according to the new data specified in the XML document. To see an example of a DTD file, see Sample File For Solution Import Program.
Knowledge Management Solution Index Synchronization Synchronizes the Solution Oracle Text index to enable Published Solutions to be Searchable
In addition, it indexes the text in solution attachments. The Index Attachment parameter enables indexing of attachments while indexing solutions. The Knowledge: Enable Search of Content in Solution Attachments profile option controls the search of solution attachments. If the profile option is set to Yes, then the user query searches the solution attachments also.
Knowledge Management Statement Cleanup Obsoletes statements that are no longer associated to any solutions. This is a cleanup program to obsolete unused Statements.
Knowledge Management Statement Index Synchronization Synchronizes the Statement Oracle Text index to enable Published Statements to be Searchable
Knowledge Management mark solutions for text re-indexing Identifies and marks solutions for text re-indexing after security setup changes. After a Security change, such as adding a new Category to a Category Security Group, all solutions that are associated to the new Category require re-indexing to include this category.
Knowledge Management unlock stuck solutions Unlocks solutions that users, who no longer have access to the solutions, have locked. For example, if the Administration user changes the security setup, a Knowledge Worker who is working on a solution after the Security change may no longer have access to that solution. This program therefore identifies the solutions that users have checked out, who no longer have access to the solutions, and unlocks these solutions.
Knowledge Management update solution used count This Program is used internally to count the number of times a solution receive feedback as to its usefulness

Prerequisite for Solution using the Knowledge Management Solution Import Program

Knowledge Management Solution Import Program uses the OAAttachments Service web service to import attachments for the solution. You must ensure that this web service is deployed and working. Perform the following steps to check if the OAAttachments Service web service is deployed:

  1. Login into the application as a system administrator. Access the Integrated SOA Gateway responsibility.

  2. Navigate to Integration Repository and select Interface Type from the View By list.

  3. Expand the Business Service Object folder.

  4. Expand the Applications Technology folder to access the Application Object Library.

  5. On the Application Object Library page, select the OAAttachments Service link to check if the web service is deployed.

Index Management

Separate index synchronization programs are available for each index. The concurrent request set Knowledge Management: index synchronization set executes all the index synchronization programs at one time. A new parameter is available in each index synchronization program to allow building the index in parallel mode, which improves the efficiency of building the index. The index synchronization program includes the DR build mode that drops and recreates the Oracle Text index. This is a useful tool to use whenever index corruption occurs or when you need to recreate the index.

Here is more information regarding the build modes:

For details about build modes and optimization, consult Oracle® Text Application Developer's Guide 10g, which is available from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Related Concurrent Programs

The administrator of Oracle TeleService runs a related concurrent program, Service Request Synchronize Index, which indexes service request notes and summary text. For details, see the Oracle TeleService Implementation Guide.