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Oracle Scripting Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13592-04
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Oracle Scripting Implementation Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Scripting

Overview of Oracle Scripting
How Scripts Are Used

Dependencies and Integration Points

Conditional Dependencies
      Survey Component Dependencies
Minimum Software Requirements
Minimum Hardware Requirements
Scalability and Performance Guidelines
Installing Oracle Scripting

Implementation Overview

Implementation Task Sequence

Implementation Tasks

Understanding Users Required for Implementation
SYSADMIN Versus Explicitly Created Administrator User Account
JTF Role Requirements
Administrator Super Users
Implementation Responsibility Matrix
Road Map to User Creation and Administration
Creating Administrators for Oracle Scripting
Performing Further Administration Setups
      Assigning Scripting Administrative Responsibilities to Users
      Assigning Survey-Related Administrative Responsibilities to Users
Creating Oracle Scripting Agents
Implementing the Scripting Engine Agent Interface
Assigning Scripting Engine-Related Responsibilities to a User
Establishing Profile Settings for the Agent Interface
Setting Session Idle Timeout Values for Apache JServ
Implementing the Scripting Engine Web Interface
Implementation Considerations
Assigning Web Interface Responsibilities to a User
Implementing Administrative Interfaces
Establishing Profile Settings
Setting Up the Scripting Administrative Interface
Setting Up the Survey Administrative Interface
      Assigning Fulfillment Administrator Role to Survey Administrators
      Assigning Survey Administrator User to a Fulfillment Group
Configuring the Oracle XML SQL Utility
Setting Display Server for UNIX Environments

Implementation Administration Tasks

Creating and Administering Users
Creating an Employee in the Enterprise Database
Creating a Resource Group
Importing a CRM Resource
Defining Oracle Applications Users
Setting Up Debugging and Message Logging in Oracle Scripting
Setting Up Applications Common Logging
Enabling Logging for the Guest User
Enabling the Oracle JInitiator Java Console
Bypassing the Sales Resource Group Membership Requirement
Granting JTF Roles
Setting System Profile Values
Finding Application and Responsibility ID Values
Finding Default Application from a Responsibility ID Value
Finding the FND User ID Value of a Defined User
Obtaining the FND USER_ID Value Using SQL
Obtaining the FND USER_ID Value from the Users Window
Removing the Quick Find Menu

Scripting Administration Tasks

Overview of Scripting Administration Tasks
Scripting Home
Launching the Script Author Java Applet
Administering Oracle Scripting Files
Viewing and Removing Deployed Scripts
Viewing and Administering Custom Java Archive Files
Viewing and Removing Uploaded Java Archive Files
Uploading New Java Archive Files
Overwriting Existing Java Archive Files with Updated Archives
Changing the Global Property of Uploaded Java Archive Files
Creating, Removing, and Viewing Java Archive Mapping Definitions
Specifying Load Order of Java Archives Files
Generating and Viewing Panel Footprint Reports

Survey Resource Administration Tasks

Administering Survey Resources
Creating Survey Resources
Creating Survey Resource Definitions
Viewing or Deleting Survey Resource Definitions
Uploading JSP Survey Resources

Survey Campaign Administration Tasks

Overview of Survey Campaign Administration
Setting Survey Administration Preferences
Survey Administration Console Tabs
Administering Survey Campaigns
Performing Survey Campaign and Survey Resource Searches
      Survey Campaign and Survey Resource Search Overview
      Performing Simple Searches
      Performing Advanced Searches
      Creating and Personalizing Views
      Using Views
Creating Survey Campaigns and Cycles
Viewing or Modifying Survey Campaign and Cycle Details
Cancelling a Survey Campaign from the Survey Campaigns List
Deleting Survey Campaigns and Cycles
Adding or Modifying a Cycle for an Existing Survey Campaign
Defining Deployments
Viewing or Modifying Deployment Details
Deleting Deployments
Viewing Responses Received
Sending Reminders Manually to List Members
Setting Up Invitations and Reminders
      Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment Terminology
      Fulfillment Activities for Targeted Survey Deployments
      Recommended Order of Steps
      Sample Invitation Master Document
      Sample Reminder Master Document
      Seeded Survey List Query
Using the Master Document Editor
Verifying Status of a Fulfillment Request
Administering Concurrent Programs for Survey Execution
Scheduling or Executing Concurrent Programs
Checking Concurrent Program Logs

Campaign and List Administration Tasks

Administering Campaigns in Oracle Marketing
Creating a Campaign
Creating a Campaign Schedule
Associating a Script to a Campaign Schedule
Associating a Script to a Campaign
Administering Campaigns in Oracle Sales Online
Assigning Agents to a Campaign Schedule
Assigning Campaign Schedules to Agents
Administering Lists in Oracle Marketing
List Creation Overview
Creating a List
Identifying Record Sources for a List
Importing Record Sources
Manually Selecting List Entries as Record Sources
Using Oracle Discoverer Workbook to Define Record Sources
Adding Records to a List
Generating a List
Marketing Campaigns as an Oracle Applications Dependency

Implementation Verification

Overview of Verification
Script Author Tasks
Creating a Hello World Graphical Test Script
Oracle Creating a Hello World Wizard Test Script
Using the Regression Test Script
Survey Administration Console Tasks
Scripting Engine Tasks
Apache Web Server Servlet Verification URLs
Scripting Engine Agent Interface Verification
Scripting Engine Web Interface Verification Tasks
Executing a Script in the Web Interface
Testing Display Server for UNIX Environments
Viewing Server Message Logs

Integrating Oracle Scripting

Integration by Component
      Script Author
      Scripting Engine
      Scripting Engine Agent Interface
      Scripting Engine Web Interface
      Scripting Administration Console
      Survey Administration Console
Integration by Technology Stack
      HTML-Based Integrated Applications
      Oracle Self-Service Web Applications
      Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment
      Oracle Marketing
      Forms-Based Integrated Applications
Prebuilt Integration with Oracle Applications
Integrating with Oracle TeleSales
Launching Any Deployed Script from Oracle TeleSales
Launching a Specific Script from Oracle TeleSales
Effects of OTS Profile Settings for Oracle Scripting
Parameters Passed to the Scripting Blackboard
Integrating with Oracle TeleService
Launching Any Deployed Script from Oracle TeleService
Launching a Specific Script from Oracle TeleService
Obtaining Values in a Script from Oracle TeleService
Creating Service Requests in Oracle TeleService from Oracle Scripting
Integrating with Oracle Marketing

Troubleshooting Oracle Scripting

Common Implementation Errors
      Responsibility Names Can Differ
      Survey Implementation Errors
      General Implementation Errors
      If You Cannot See the Survey Administration Console
      Troubleshooting Fulfillment Administrator Role Assignment
Common Verification or Execution Errors 
      Script Author Errors
      Script Author Deployment Errors
      Script Author Script Verification
      Scripting Engine Agent Interface Errors
      Troubleshooting Applet Security and Signing
      Load Balancing Environments with Multiple Apache JServ Instances
      Session Timeout Issues
      Panel Text Errors
      Cascading Style Sheet Information Ignored at Runtime
      JavaScript Imported into Panel Text Ignored or Displaying Incorrectly
      Debug Statements Not Appearing from Custom Java Code
Survey Deployment and Fulfillment Troubleshooting
User Interface Discrepancies
Log Files and Error Messages
      Oracle Scripting Execution Errors and Error Logging
      Errors in the Scripting Engine Agent Interface
      Errors in the Scripting Engine Web Interface
Unsupported Functions
      Panel Layout Editor Formatting Limitations

Oracle Scripting Profile Options

Finding Responsibility ID Values
Current IES Profile Options
Information, Error and Debug Logging Profile Options
Additional Required Profile Options

Oracle Discoverer Workbooks

Implementing Survey Analysis Discoverer Workbooks
      Staging Oracle Discoverer EEX Files for Import
      Creating an End User Layer
      Assigning End User Layer Implementation Privileges
      Importing Oracle Discoverer Objects into an End User Layer
      Assigning Responsibility and Business Area Privileges
      Assigning Workbook Privileges
      Verifying the End User Layer
      Viewing Oracle Scripting Survey Reports
Survey Workbook Descriptions
      Survey Question Frequency Workbook
      Survey Question Detail Workbook
      Survey Question Text Workbook
      Survey Campaign Summary Workbook
      Survey Deployment Detail Workbook
      Survey Cross Tabulation Workbook