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Oracle Property Manager User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13616-04
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This chapter provides an overview of the tools offered by Oracle Property Manager to manage major real estate tasks, including lease administration and office space allocation.

This chapter covers the following topics:

About Oracle Property Manager

This section describes the functionality provided by Oracle Property Manager for organizing your property and lease-related information depending on your business needs.

This discussion includes the following topics:

Lease Management

With Property Manager you can abstract, amend, and edit information for your leases.

Abstracting Leases

When you abstract a lease, you extract critical information from a lease document and record that information in such way that you can easily access it, review it, and take action on it.

With Property Manager, you can abstract critical information associated with your lease documents, including:

Amending and Editing Leases

You can easily amend and edit lease information, maintaining a detailed history of your changes as you do so.

Scheduling Payments and Billings

Property Manager automatically generates payment or billing schedules for each lease you define, normalizing the payment or billing stream in accordance with GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles). You can then review these schedules each period, authorizing them as they become due. You can also track lease payments in multiple currencies and export payments to your accounts payable system in the currency of your choice.

Index Rent Increase

You can use the Index Rent Increase feature to automatically increase base rent either by a fixed percentage or by an amount proportional to the index change for the remainder of the lease term.

Variable Rent

Landlords can use the Variable Rent feature to collect rent based on a variety of variable factors, such as sales volumes, weight, and usage.

Space Management

Property Manager makes it easy to allocate space in leased and owned locations. You can specify detail for the following spaces:

You can manipulate your space definitions and assignments as necessary to perform employee moves or reassign space for different uses. You can track space usage at any level by employee, cost center, or both. For example, you can use this information to charge cost centers for the square footage that they use, ensuring an economical use of available space.

If you use a Computer Assisted Design (CAD) application, or a Computer Assisted Facilities Management (CAFM) application, you can export space utilization information from Property Manager to the CAD or CAFM application.

Workflow Automation

During the life of the lease, certain events often require action by your company in a timely manner. With Property Manager you can identify those specific events and schedule the appropriate employee action.

Event Notification

Property Manager includes a Milestone feature, with which you can create milestones for key lease events, such as:

You can also define any number of additional milestone events that are of importance to your particular enterprise. If you have Oracle Alert installed, you can configure it to generate automatic event notification.


Oracle Property Manager integrates with other Oracle applications, such as Oracle General Ledger, Oracle Payables, Oracle Receivables, and Oracle Human Resources. This integration enables you to use your Oracle Property Manager records as the source of payments and billings, and to use your Human Resources records as a source for employee information in Oracle Property Manager.

Oracle Property Manager also interfaces with third party applications, such as CAD and CAFM applications.


Property Manager provides a set of inquiry windows and standard reports.

Online Inquiry

Online inquiry screens provide you with instant access to critical information:

Standard Reporting

You can produce standard reports to review:

Using Oracle Property Manager

This section provides a brief overview of the flow of information in Oracle Property Manager and the means of navigating through the application.

Process Flow

The following list is a typical sequence of events that you might follow to abstract a lease in Oracle Property Manager:


Oracle Property Manager has a multi-window, graphical user interface (GUI) with full point-and-click capability. You can use your mouse or keyboard to operate graphical controls, such as pull-down menus, buttons, lists of values, check boxes, or tabbed regions.

As with all Oracle applications, you navigate through Oracle Property Manager by using the Navigator. The Navigator groups the main tasks that you perform into these main categories:

You can customize the Navigator to meet your specific business processes and needs.

See: Oracle Property Manager Navigation Paths.