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Oracle General Ledger Implementation Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13620-04
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Account Hierarchy Editor
  planning parent values and rollup groups link

Account Hierarchy Editor Manager
  edit menu link

Account Hierarchy Manager
  adding or changing child values link
  adding or changing parent values link
  adding or changing rollup groups link
  adding/changing account hierarchies link
  Chart of Account Segments window link
  closing link
  displaying multiple hierarchies link
  displaying segment value details link
  exporting from link
  file menu link
  interface link
  menu link
  merging ranges link
  mouse activated menus link
    attributes window link
    hierarchy window link
    values list window link
  overview link
  parent levels concept link
  planning your hierarchies link
  Query Values window link
  starting link
  toolbar link
  using link
  Value Details window link
  Value List window link
  view menu link
  window menu link

account hierarchy manager
  overview link
  security link

account structure
  defining link
  defining segment value qualifiers link

accounting flexfield
  future use link

accounting flexfield segment
  future use link

accounting flexfields
  child values link
  defining account structure link
  defining balancing segments link
  defining cost center segments link
  defining dependent segments link
  defining segment value qualifiers link
  designing link
  designing account segments link
  determining your account needs link
  major features link
  natural account segment link
  parent values link
  qualifiers link
  rollup groups link
  value hierarchies link link

  defining link
  defining statistical accounts link
  defining summary accounts link
  defining suspense accounts link
  disabling link
  populating attributes link
  segment value inheritance link
  using Account Hierarchy Manager link

approval hierarchy
  creating link

authorization limits
  defining link

average balance processing
  adjusting periods ignored link
  average consolidation journal source link
  defining transaction calendars link
  effective date rule for journal sources link
  enabling for a ledger link
  posting not allowed for net income account link

average balance processing setup
  assigning transaction calendars link
  defining a net income account link
  defining transaction calendars link
  enabling average balance processing link
  specifying effective date rules for journal sources link link


balancing segments link
budgetary control
  setting summary account options link
  using transaction codes with link


Calendar window link link
  adding periods link
  assigning to a ledger link
  changing link
  defining link

chart of accounts
  defining link
  defining descriptive flexfields link

closing Account Hierarchy Manager link
Code combinations link
  assigning a functional currency link


Descriptive flexfields
  GL Accounts window link

descriptive flexfields
  defining in General Ledger link
  Journals - Captured Information link

document sequences
  assigning link
  assigning by entry method link
  assigning by ledger link


effective date rule link
  opening an encumbrance year link

Enter Person window link
    index entries for specific object to enter link

exporting from Account Hierarchy Manager link


financial schedules
  defining link

Find Key Flexfield Segment window link
freezing subledger journals link
function security in General Ledger link


General Ledger
  Account Hierarchy Manager link

general ledger
  setup link

General Ledger performance
  improving link

GL Accounts window link link


  setting up link
  using link

implementation considerations link
improving performance link
  planning link

intercompany segment link
Interface Data Transformer
  setting up link
  using link


journal approval
  creating an approval hierarchy link
  defining authorization limits link
  enabling in a ledger link
  journal sources link
  notification reassignment approval list link
  setting up link

Journal Authorization Limits window link
journal categories
  defining link

Journal Categories window link
journal entries
  defining categories link
  defining sources link

journal import
  defining sources link

journal sources
  average consolidation link
  defining link
  effective date rule used for average balance processing link
  freezing link
  requiring journal approval link

Journal Sources window link
Journals - Captured Information descriptive flexfield link


key flexfields
  accounting flexfields link


  defining link
  enabling average balance processing link

ledger window link


Maintain Authorized Users for Journal Approval Reassignment program link
Maintain Summary Templates program link
managing system resources
  running the Maintain Summary Templates program link
  running the Optimizer program link
  storage parameters for interim tables link

meta-data structure
  registering a lookup table link
  registering a PL/SQL function link


notification reassignment approval list
  restricting link


Open and Close Periods window link link
Optimizer program link
  segment value inheritance link


parent levels concept
  account hierarchy manager link

parent values link
  planning and defining link

parent-child relationships
  creating link

  improving for General Ledger link

period status
  closed link
  future-entry link
  never opened link
  open link
  permanently closed link

Period Types window link
  adding to a calendar link
  defining future-enterable periods link
  defining period types link
  opening and closing link
  reopening link

  Maintain Authorized Users for Journal Approval Reassignment link
  Maintain Summary Templates link
  Optimizer link

project tracking
  maintaining project balances link
  reporting on projects in GL link
  setting up in GL link
  setting up project budgets link


  accounting flexfields link


Reconciliation for account segment values
  enabling link

Reconciliation for code combinations
  enabling link

  lookup table in Meta-Data Structure link
  PL/SQL function in Meta-Data Structure link

rollup groups link
  accounting flexfields link
  creating link
  planning and defining link


security rules link
Segment Qualifiers window link
segment value inheritance link
segment value qualifiers link
Segment Values window link
Sequence Assignments window link
setting up link
  defining accounts link
  defining calendars link
  defining descriptive flexfields link
  defining financial schedules link
  defining project segments link
  defining summary accounts link
  defining transaction codes link
  defining your chart of accounts link
  General Ledger setup flowchart link
  IDT link
  Interface Data Transformer link
  journal approval link
  journal categories link
  journal sources link
  opening and closing accounting periods link
  period types link
  project tracking in GL link
  statistical accounts link
  Step-Down AutoAllocation link
  suspense accounts link
  transaction calendars link
  transaction codes link

setup link
  related products link

setup checklist link
setup steps link
  (see: Statistics and Currencies) link

Statistical Units of Measure window link
  defining statistical accounts link
  defining units of measure link
  reporting on link

Step-Down AutoAllocation
  setting up link

storage parameters
  setting link

Storage Parameters window link
summary accounts
  defining link
  determining your needs link
  entering templates link
  maintaining link
  planning link
  planning parent values and rollup groups link
  planning summary account templates link
  planning the structure link
  setting budgetary control options link

Summary Accounts window link link link
suspense account
  defining link

Suspense Accounts window link


  calculation rules link
  formulas and rounding link
  journal-level calculation link
  line-level calculation link
  setting up automatic tax link

transaction calendars
  business day defaults link
  defining link

transaction codes
  changing link
  defining link
  entering link
  overview link
  reversing a transaction with link
  setting up link
  using budgetary control with link
  when to use link

Transaction Codes window link


units of measure
  defining link

using the IDT link
using the Interface Data Transformer link


value sets
  parent values link
  value hierarchies link

  child link
  detail link
  parent link
  summary link


  GL Accounts window link
  Segment Qualifiers window link
  Segment Values window link

  business event system link